Lawsuit: Adjourned The Commonwealth of Redmont v. Aezal [2023] FCR 34

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Commonwealth of Redmont v. Aezal [2023] FCR 34

1. One count of corruption
2. One count of treason

1. The defendant pleads not guilty to one count of corruption
2. The defendant pleads not guilty to one count of treason

First, the Court will examine the charge of corruption

  1. The Court will use the Corruption Test to analyze the charge of corruption against the Defendant.
    1. The first part of the two-part test states “In the capacity as a government official, did/would the act in question give oneself or someone else a notable advantage or benefit?”
    2. In [2023] SCR 5, the Court found former President Derpy_Bird guilty of corruption. In this case, the Court affirmed that the act of buying a plot from a citizen gave that citizen an advantage over others; in that case in particular, it gave xEndeavour a $30,000 advantage.
    3. With logic similar to [2023] SCR 5, in this case, it is clear the actions of Aezal had a direct benefit on certain players. Giving sums of money upwards of $50,000 to citizens is giving those citizens a notable advantage. Making purchases from different shops with purchasing breaking $100,000 is giving certain businesses a notable advantage in a highly competitive market. It is clear that the defendant's actions constitute a direct benefit to certain players.
    4. The second part of the corruption test states “Was the act in question inconsistent with the official duty of office?”
    5. Per the admission of the defendant’s counsel, Aezal’s actions as Governor of the Commonwealth Reserve Bank were inconsistent with the official duty. The Governor did not seek approval before distributing over $500,000.
Second, the Court will review the singular count of treason against the defendant.
  1. This Court believes that while the actions committed by the Defendant were illegal, the Prosecution has not met the burden of proof in order for a conviction.
  2. As written in the Corruption and Espionage Offenses Act, Treason requires that a defendant attempt to “maliciously sabotage or undermine the stability, sovereignty, and/or national security of the government of Redmont.” While the actions of the defendant were wrong, the Prosecution has failed to show how these actions were a threat to the stability of the Commonwealth.
  3. Throughout this case, the prosecution has brought up the point that adding money to an already inflated economy further destabilizes the economy. However, the prosecution hasn’t shown the Court any evidence of the economy being destabilized. Claims without evidence fail to meet the burden of proof required to convict a criminal.

On one (1) count of corruption, the Federal Court of Redmont finds the defendant Aezal GUILTY.
On one (1) count of treason, the Federal Court of Redmont finds the defendant Aezal NOT GUILTY.

The Federal Court sentences Aezal as follows
1. $25,000 in fines for one count of corruption.
2. Removal and exclusion from public office for a period of two months

The Federal Court orders that all illegally obtained assets (whether physical or monetary) be returned to the Commonwealth Reserve Bank. All items seized must be obtained through a proper asset seizure warrant prior to being seized (unless willfully given up). The Commonwealth is asked to keep the Court updated on the progress of the seizure. The Commonwealth will post an update in two weeks from the verdicts posted via a post in this thread.

The Federal Court thanks all involved.

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