Information Appealing a District Court Decision

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Dec 19, 2020

After a court case has been decided in favor of one party in the District Court, the losing party may decide that they would like to appeal the court's decision within two weeks. If an appeal is accepted, the case will be heard by the Superior Court, where the verdict may or may not be overturned. In the event that the verdict is overturned, appropriate actions will be taken to ensure that the compensatory actions of the original verdict are overturned or that new compensatory actions are issued.

Please double-check that the case was decided within two weeks of the appeal being filed. Any more than two weeks will result in a frivolous court case.


To create an appeal, create a thread just like you would if you were creating a lawsuit. It must be filed a lawyer and there must be good reason for filing it, or else it will be dismissed as a frivolous case.

The title of the thread must follow this format. Make sure that the prefix is set to "Appeal: Pending": Case No. # - Appeal Request

The body of the appeal post must follow this format, or it will be denied and you will be charged with a frivolous court case.

- Client Name:
- Counsel Name:
- Were you originally the plaintiff or the defendant:
- Reason for the Appeal:
- Additional Information:


Once you have posted your appeal, the Judges will conduct an internal vote of whether or not to grant the appeal. It will either be accepted or denied within 3 days of filing. Asking about your Appeal will only hinder its chances of being accepted.


If you appeal is accepted by the Court, congratulations! A Judge from the Federal Court will preside over your case, with the process and proceedings being the same as a normal case. The Judge will then make a final verdict about the case. This verdict is final and can only be appealed in the Supreme Court.
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