Bill: Rejected Wilderness Towns act

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Health Department

Establish a System for Wilderness Settlements​

The people of the Commonwealth of Redmont, through their elected Representatives and Senators in the Congress and the force of law ordained to that Congress by the people through the constitution, do hereby enact the following provisions into law:

1. Short Title and Enactment

  1. This Act may be cited as the ¨Wilderness Towns Act¨
  2. This Act shall be enacted immediately upon its signage.
  3. This Bill was authored by Representative AnArab and co-sponsored by Representative bigpappa140.

2. Reasons

  1. Activity in the wilderness is extremely low due to the lack of places to visit or things to do
  2. Likewise, there is a lack of player-built towns in the wilderness because these huge, time consuming projects always end up dying of inactivity, due to the lack of protection or status.
  3. If player-built towns can stay around longer, the wilderness can be saved and the people will have a brand new activity to enjoy.

3. Registration Process

  1. Players shall be able to register their settlements officially, and upon being registered they are given the title of Wilderness Town.
  2. The Department of State shall be responsible for the registration of Wilderness Towns.
  3. If a Wilderness Town meets the necessary requirements, it shall be given the rights and privileges outlined in section 5 of this bill.
  4. The Department of State cannot deny applications which meet all requirements.
  5. Wilderness Towns can be deregistered on any of the following grounds:
  • Failure to provide updates to the Department of State when asked.
  • Failure (of leadership) to maintain ingame activity for a period of 1+ months
  • Leadership being permanently banned or deported from the server
  • The Town not keeping the basic requirements for registration (eg. 5 citizens)
  • The Town registration being obtained through fraudulent means

If the Town was deregistered for having banned or deported leadership, it may be reregistered upon the return of said leadership, only if it still meets the requirements for registration.

4. Requirements

  1. For a Town to be registered by the Department of State, they must meet the following requirements:
  • A town name, which can be no longer than 60 characters.
  • A town logo or crest.
  • A town Constitution, which reasonably outlines government and citizenship requirements.
  • At least 5 town citizens, who are recognized by stating ¨I, (username), support the registration of this Wilderness Town as a citizen.¨ Town citizens may not be a citizen of any other Wilderness Town and must meet the Town´s constitutional requirements for citizenship.
  • At least 10 town supporters, who are recognized by stating ¨I, (username), support the registration of this Wilderness Town.¨
  • A town Discord server (all members of Town leadership must have, and be available on, Discord)
  • At least one member of the Town´s leadership
  • At least one plot of claimed land (multiple are allowed only if they all directly border each other, and the plot owners are either supporters or citizens of the town). Any structures of a Town outside of its claimed territory are not officially considered a part of the Town.
  • At least one Town Guardsman, tasked with the protection of the Town, who is recognized by stating ¨I, (username), support the registration of this Wilderness Town as a citizen and Town Guardsman.¨

5. Rights, Duties, and Privileges

  1. Towns are granted the right to conduct their own internal affairs
  2. Towns may declare war on another officially recognized Wilderness Town, and may fight within the confines of the wilderness until a mutual ceasefire is called by members of both Towns´ leadership. War must be mutually declared between two or more Towns for war to commence.
  3. Towns may establish their own judicial system, but Acts of Congress may override them.
  4. Town citizens must continue to pay their taxes.
  5. Wilderness Towns may advertise in the same manner as a registered business.
  6. Wilderness Town leadership do NOT have the authority to collect taxes from their citizens, even if their constitution allows it.