Transparency Statement from the Executive on Reveille

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Vice President
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This statement is one of transparent nature. Currently, cabinet has not been able to completely deliberate on action moving forward involving this surprising action from server ownership yesterday.

In this past week, cabinet was finally granted the ability to have a discussion with the server owners about the future of the server and the secretive Reveille. We believe in a transparent government, so here is what was told to us on March 9 2022:

There would be the release of a new map called Reveille. Players would be paid back on their current plots in Hamilton at $12.5 per block to spend on the plots in the new map. Players would be able to take their possessions and money, along with their buildings provided those buildings fit into a new plot. Players would not be able to keep villagers, mob grinding structures, and fields of crops. After awhile, the city of Hamilton would become redundant, and as the original plan stated, it would be "hit by a meteor". This was set to be announced to the public in April.

We went over logistical measures about how departments and the government would be able to deal with a transition of such magnitude. Some of the points that cabinet raised:
  • Paying back plots at $12.5 in the city doesn't account for property value based on location, and therefore a system where plots are bought back via the actual value of the plot should be considered instead.
  • Releasing the entire new map at once would devastate the economy and cause players to rush, so there should be a slow release of the new map.
  • This idea altogether would be damaging to the economic, social, and structure of the server. Therefore, while cabinet would try to come up with logistical measures to deal with this, they proposed an alternative; to take the buildings from the new world to use to improve the existing city.
We came to the conclusion that:
  • This would be a major burden on department operations.
  • This would undermine the plans that the government and congress had been working on.
  • There would be a high potential of invested citizens who would leave the community.
  • There's no way to properly prevent the economic fallout of this map reset.
  • The plots in Reveille do not fit the shape and size of many of the current buildings that players have, therefore they wouldn't be able to transfer their builds intact.
We issued a recommendation that the owners consider taking the buildings and infrastructure from Reveille and used it to improve Hamilton. We drew up some rough maps of how this could work. The owner xEndeavour then stopped responding to the discussion with cabinet.

A few hours later, the owner xEndeavour, announced Reveille, providing two options to players, none of which were what the cabinet had proposed to minimize negative community impact. Public concern ignited almost immediately.

The government has no hand in this. We have tried to push for players, but were overridden by the owners. However, you can have our reassurance that we will work to continue to support the community that elected us.

Cabinet will continue to work with the Owners to most effectively implement this plan, and deal with any potential shortcomings of it.

Please fill out this survey if you would like: Reveille - Public Inquiry

Here were some of the concerns issued by Secretaries:


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