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REPORT 10/3/2021

In the early morning on Sunday, October 3rd, then Secretary of Environment & Recreation black_ven0m was terminated by President Austin27 and Vice President Vanquish27. Her termination was largely disputed on all DC platforms, both in game and on discord. The President informed the public that a transparency report would be released outlining the reasons for her termination and the plan going forward. This report was put together and outlines exactly that.

The President's main reasons for termination are as follows:

- The former Secretary's inability to effectively communicate and advise the President.
- The former Secretary's inability to receive feedback without lashing out at the individual who provides it.
- The former Secretary's harsh attitude on the main DC discord, in game and in the cabinet discord.

A breakdown of each of these points and evidence of each are presented below.

Point 1 -
On multiple occasions, the President would approach the former Secretary in typically a kind manner about certain topics. The former Secretary would respond with hostility, on the defensive, creating a tear in the relationship between the two. It's one thing to stick up for a department but it's another totally different thing to create a toxic relationship between the President and Secretary.

Ex: The President had approached the former Secretary about pushing back the date of the National Park opening and instead of being met with reason, the President was met with a hostile Secretary. The President understands the time and effort that had been put into the park, however schedules weren't aligning and it was his belief that the park opening should be pushed to make the event a bigger deal. The former Secretary was nothing but a voice of discontent, no reason in sight and instead only anger.

Point 2 -
The President had approached the former Secretary again on multiple occasions to provide feedback, offer advice and perform his constitutional duties in administering cabinet. The former Secretary again would respond with hostility, anger and in a way, hurt. This only contributed to the much deteriorating relationship between the former Secretary and the President.

Ex: The President offered advice to the Secretary on the topic of the Presidential Retreat, a project he had been one of the initial vision casters for. The President was offering advice in the heat of an argument between her and the Secretary of State where she had targeted him for removing a fence at the President's direction. The former Secretary accused the President of lack of communication which he admitted could have been improved but his point still stood that how the Secretary approached the situation could have been drastically different.

Point 3 -
The former Secretary is often known for being in the middle of arguments, some that go much too far. It is the belief of the President and Vice President that Secretaries are an extension of the President, Vice President and other members of cabinet; that we are all one - a team. The former Secretary was often reminded of this and that her actions were being watched because of the position she held. Despite the President and Vice President's best efforts to rectify the former Secretary's actions and improve the way she dealt with situations that didn't go her way, she continued to act in a manner that did not represent the ideals that the President had set out for cabinet.

Ex: The former Secretary could often be seen in #global, #politics and other DC related channels arguing with multiple individuals from the community. The former Secretary had been reprimanded because of these actions on multiple occasions by both the senior staff team and the President.

The President would like to clarify the issue with the realm and how that situation was handled. No, the former Secretary was not fired over hosting a realm in the Department of Environment & Recreation's discord. It was a concern brought to the attention of the President that the former Secretary had been advertising the realm in the discord. The disconnect and miscommunication came about when the President was given the task not as President but as Administrator to inform Venom that she couldn't advertise such realm on an official DC discord server.

It was determined later on, however, that the way the President went about the situation was acceptable as the former Secretary was still informed that she could continue to host the realm but not advertise it on an official DC discord server.

Yes, the former Secretary's reaction to the situation did play into her termination but her hosting the realm had no direct correlation with her termination.

Another point that the President would like to make clear is the constitutional clause found in Section 3 titled "The President & Cabinet" - the subsection in question is titled "Powers of the President" under which can be found two very explicit powers, both of which are listed below.

"The President nominates, appoints, and dismisses members of the Executive Cabinet."

"The President may, at any time and for any reason or no reason at all, remove a Secretary, Principal Officer, or General Advisor from their position."

For clarity's sake, it should be noted that the President's termination of the former Secretary shall not be considered in violation of any laws or the constitution as it is very explicit in it's wording that Secretaries may be dismissed at any time and for any reason, or no reason at all. The constitution continues to say the following.

"Secretaries & Executive Officers are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate, continuing to serve at the pleasure of the President."


"The Cabinet is a group of advisers to the President known as secretaries & Executive Officers, who collectively administer and guide government decision-making and policy. The body holds no power outside of department & office policy, instead, it derives its power through advising the President."

When the President feels one if his chief advisers is no longer fit to continue advising at the direction of the President, they may be dismissed. This is the case with the former Secretary where although she ran the department in a way that was acceptable by some standards, her inability to effectively communicate and inability to take feedback eventually led to the President feeling that she was no longer fit to be his sole adviser from the Department of Environment & Recreation.

"It's never an easy thing to terminate a member of my own cabinet. Vanquish and I chose these people specifically because we saw something special in them, we saw potential and knew they would be the best people to perform the duties expected of these incredibly taxing jobs. I apologize to the public, I know this didn't happen how anyone would have wanted it to, nor how I would have wanted it to. Presidents are faced with incredibly tough decisions, I've certainly had my fair share over the past 4 months. The constitution states very explicitly my responsibilities, the chief of those being my duty to the people as the head of government. If one of my sole advisors and I are facing conflict, if I don't believe I can take or perhaps even trust their advice on topics that are incredibly important to the governance of our nation, I face a tough call - do I allow them to continue serving in my cabinet or do I make the decision no President wants to make and terminate them. Unfortunately, this morning I decided on the latter.

In this final part, I speak directly to Venom; Venom, you were chosen for a reason and your contributions to my administration and this government as a whole will never be forgotten. I appreciate you and you know that because I've told you that exact thing multiple times before. I'm sorry that this is how the situation played out and I truly hope the best for you in the future, despite our conflicts I am here for whenever you need.

Cabinet is a family, today one of our family members had to leave - that's not easy and I'm sorry. May Glory be with Redmont forever and ever, no matter the challenges she faces."

This concludes the report on the termination of former Secretary black_ven0m.
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