Bill: Rejected State Workers Program Act

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Education & Commerce Department

Initiate the State Workers' Program The people of Democracy Craft, through their elected Representatives in the Congress and the force of law ordained to that Congress by the people through the constitution, do hereby enact the following provisions into law:
1 - Short Title and Enactment
(1) This Act may be cited as the “State Workers Act”.
(2) This Act shall be enacted immediately after all preparations are finalized.
(3) The Act has been co-sponsored by: Canxx01

(1) There are a wave of immigrants coming to the state, raising unemployment rates.
(2) Deflation makes so that companies are struggling to accumulate profits, which is making them harder to provide for sufficient salaries to employees.
(3) Government jobs require high playtimes, which leads to more white collar work, creating a vacancy in blue collar workers of the state.

3 - Details of the Program (1) The State may contract workers to temporarily supplement it's workforce.
(2) The State may only contract workers with the role 'Contractor'
(3) Government Officials may seek to contract a worker through the Chief of Staff.
(4) Contracts will be awarded to Contractors who have expressed interest. These contracts will have a defined list of tasks and upon completion the Chief of Staff will award them a defined amount of remuneration.
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