Motion No. 8/2023

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Redmont Bar Association

Change Maker
Nov 19, 2022

Create an Appeal System for Disbarred Lawyers

The lawyers of the Redmont Bar Association, through their elected Council and the force of law ordained to that Council by the Super Modern Legal Board Act, do hereby formally enact the following Motion:

This Motion was moved for by: bibsfi4a

I move to have a appeal system for disbarred lawyers to allow them to be barred again. Appeals shall be made in the **RBA section of the forums** and following format shall be used-

1. IGN-
2. Can you explain why you were disbarred in the first place?
3. What steps have you taken to address the behaviors that led to your disbarment?
4. How do you plan to regain the trust of the legal community and the public if you are reinstated?
5. What measures will you take to ensure that you do not engage in similar misconduct in the future?

(more questions can be added or questions can be removed by a motion which shall be passed)

Once the person appeals, the RBA council shall vote upon this and **a majority of 2/3 shall be required for the person to be rebarred**

Aye: Eleray, Mask3D_WOLF, bibsfi4a, Drew_Hall
Nay: None
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