Election Transparency Report - HoR June 2021 Special Election (2)

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Vice President
House of Representatives Special Election - June 2021 (2)

Unless otherwise stated, these are not an official recollection of the events that transpired during this election, merely a timeline and general overview of such.

June 21st 2021 -

The President Pro Tempore informed the President that congress had passed a motion in both chambers to hold a Special Election after voting down three prior motions to nominate someone to the seat.

Later in the day, the President granted assent to the Special Election and later informed the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State created the forums thread in preparation to open declarations.

The Secretary of State released a government announcement informing the public that declarations had been opened for the vacant seat left by former Representative Antatro.

June 21 - June 23rd 2021

Declaration period, representative hopefuls declared their candidacy.

June 23rd 2021 -

An Electoral Officer announced to the public in government announcements that polls had officially opened and would remain open for a period of 24 hours.

June 24th 2021 -

The Secretary of State announced that polls had officially closed for the House of Representatives Special Election.

The Department of State Electoral Officers began tabulating the results.

After tabulation had ended, an Electoral Officer announced the results of the election - FracturedGhast7 had won by a margin of 2 votes.

Disqualified Votes
The Department of State disqualifies votes for not meeting the voter requirements as outlined in the constitution.

Burntburger - 1 disqualified vote
xLayzur - 2 disqualified votes
RealxedGV - 1 disqualified vote
99pizza99 - 0 disqualified votes
FracturedGhast7 - 4 disqualified votes
northeastprince - 1 disqualified vote
Uncle_Simon - 1 disqualified vote
Tylxrfied - 1 disqualified vote

General Notes

This was the second Special Election held for the House of Representatives in the month of June. The House and Senate voted, in accordance with the law, on the runner-ups from the previous special election before motioning for a Special Election.



Secretary of State
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