Report Congressional Transparency Report (September 5th-17th)

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Transparency Report


Date Written~

Authorised by~
The Office of the Speaker

Speaker of the House of Representatives

First Day of The 3rd Congress
Representatives Elected:
(DRP) Krix
(DRP) _Dark_Helmet_
(DRP) Ronsampaul
(DRP) Budgetmitch
(SPP)TheMarx_Sisters (Resigned)
(IND.)Utahcowboy2000 (Resigned)

Senators Elected:
(DRP) _Zab_
(DRP) zLost
(NAP) JB3335

Representatives Currently:
Krix (Speaker)
_Dark_Helmet_ (Deputy Speaker)
Ronsampaul (Business Rep.)
(DRP) nutzucer
(DRP) Budgetmitch

Leadership Elections:

Speakership Election:

The first decision the Third Congress had to make was to elect a Speaker the votes were as follows:

Krix- 4 Votes
William Addington - 2 Votes


Deputy Speakership Election:
The second decision that had to be made was to decide upon the Deputy Speaker, _Dark_Helmet_ and Marx both nominated themselves but The_MarxSisters decided to leave Congress to join Cabinet as Secretary of Justice so therefore _Dark_Helemet_ automatically received the role.

Ongoings in Congress
During the 1st Week

The President nominated and the Senate approved Dox for DoH Secretary, Thire for DPA Secretary, and Marx for DoJ Secretary.

Discuss arose in the House as of what to do about Marx’s Vacancy as the House of Representatives only had 6 members currently.
Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helmet_ proposed we hold a special election to fill the vacancy.

Utahcowboy1 was appointed as Attorney General by President Endeavour after consulting the Senate and receiving a non-mandatory confirmation vote. Utah held both Attorney General and Representative simultaneously, it was discussed and debated whether this was allowed or not but in the end as it wasn’t in violation of any laws it was permitted.

Speaker Krix determined that a new Congressional process should be drafted as the old congressional process from the last Congressional term wouldn’t work as Congress was now bicameral with a House of Representatives and a Senate:

A motion of Re-evaluation was discussed and voted on. It was agreed that the period of re-evaluation will be in mid October.
(This will be to ensure all bills are up to standard and enforceable)

The Senate internally drafted, proposed, and passed Standing Orders for the Senate.

Speaker Krix tasked Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helmet_ with finding citizens interested in taking part in the running of Congress as Staff in the Office of the Speaker, this was carried out and expressions of interest were being taken in by the general public.

The Senate passed the House’s version of the Congressional Process Amendment Act.

Deputy _Dark_Helmet_ motioned that Congress override President Endeavour's veto on the Congressional Process Amendment Act, Representative Emotrash supported this.
A vote was held and the motion to override the veto passed both chambers with a supermajority the Congressional Process amendment then went into effect.

The Senate approved the House’s motion to override the Presidential Veto on the Congressional Process Amendment Act.

Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helmet_ motioned to subpoena President Endeavour regarding the appointment of Secretary Element to Acting Vice President during the period between the 9th-12th of September Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helemet_’s reasoning for doing so was it “seemed contradictory towards the Constitution of Democracy Craft”

Representative Utahcowboy1 said he thought this was a waste of time as it was only an Interim position and that Acting Vice President is not a permanent appointment,

Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helemet_ responded by stating its about the principles of his actions and how President Endeavour does not respect the House (Referring to the House of Representatives)

Representative Emotrash motioned that the Constitutional Repair Act be immediately considered however Speaker Krix objected stating a lot of work needed to be done to the bill as the corrections had not yet been made. Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helmet_ made the point that if it is urgently considered it can be amended then, Speaker Krix insisted that the State Department bill needed to be reviewed beforehand, the motion went to a vote but failed to receive the majority it needed to pass.

Several bills were open to votation including:

  • The Redistribution of Drugs Act (Proposed by Krix)
  • The Congressional Questions time Act (Proposed by _Dark_Helmet_)
  • The Congressional Hearings Act. (Proposed by Krix)

Representative WilliamAddington declared his resignation due to personal reasons and forfeited his seat in the House.

Discussion then arose regarding the Subpoena Hearing motioned by Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helmet_, it was decided that it would happen in game and started at 5:30pm EST.

Several bills passed the house and were sent to the senate to be voted on and amended if the senate so wished including:

  • The Redistribution of Drugs Act (Proposed by Krix)
  • The Congressional Questions Time Act. (Proposed by _Dark_Helmet_)
  • The Congressional Hearings Act. (Proposed by Krix)

Several other bills were also opened to votation on this day including:
  • The Contagious Diseases Act (Proposed by Krix)
  • The Debt Recovery Act (Proposed by Krix)
  • The State Department Act (Proposed by Krix) on behalf of xEndeavour
President Endeavour’s Subpoena Hearing
The appointment of Secretary Element as Acting Vice President
Hearing Committee~


The Hearing was Chaired by Speaker Krix.



















Ongoings in Congress
During the 2nd Week
Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helmet_ proposed a motion of dissatisfaction regarding the President’s answers at the Subpoena hearing, it was approved and posted #government-announcements on the discord.

Interview’s for the top contenders for the Office of the Speaker Staff were carried out.

The Senate approved the President’s nomination of UtahCowboy for Judge.

On september 14th ronsampaul was elected to fill the vacant seat left by the MarxSisters.

Speaker Krix suggested that there be a formal #house-floor and #senate-floor channels so that important motions that are proposed don't get lost in the text channels, this is yet to be decided upon, but received a lot of support in the house.

Ronsampaul nominated himself for business representative.

BudgetMitch was nominated by Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helmet_ to fill the vacant seat left by William Addington, the nomination PASSED

Kevv was nominated by Deputy Speaker _Dark_Helmet_ to fill the vacant seat left by Utahcowboy1, the nomination FAILED

The Senate confirmed Utahcowboy1’s nomination for Judge, therefore leaving another vacant seat in the house of representatives.

Several Bills passed the house of representatives and were sent to the Senate to be further amended if they so choose and to be voted on including:

  • The Contagious Diseases Act. (Proposed by Krix)
  • The Debt Recovery Act. (Proposed by Krix)
  • State Department Act. (Proposed by Krix)

Several Bills were opened to votation in the house of representatives including:
  • The Congressional Jurisdiction Act. (Proposed by Krix)
  • The Constitutional Repair Act.(Proposed by _Dark_Helmet_) on behalf of Hugebob
  • The Amendment Scrutiny Act.(Proposed by Krix)

Discussion broke out in the house as to what to do with the vacant seats in the house and if they should be filled and how should they be filled if so?.

_Dark_Helmet_ and ronsampaul discussed this and they both agreed that if they should be filled this should be done through special elections as they thought it was the most fair and democratic way of doing it, _Dark_Helmet_ also brought up the point of the stress that
Might cause party leaders as he referred to the DRP’s process if choosing candidates and explained there usually was a primary for candidates.

Ronsampaul’s nomination for Business Representative PASSED

Discussion arose between the Congressmen and Cabinet about a possible Budget to track government expenditure and income, this was raised by ronsampaul who has been working on Budget bills and has proposed 2 so far.

The Senate passed the Contagious Diseases Act.

Speaker Krix motioned for Special elections to fill the 2 vacancies in The House of Representatives left by WilliamAddington and Utahcowboy1.
The motion PASSED

Mayhem (Aidan) was nominated for Clerk by Speaker Krix and the nomination PASSED.

Pugbandit was nominated for Draftsman by Speaker Krix and the nomination PASSED.

The Prevention of Contagious Disease Act passed the Senate and was made into law.

The Department of State bill was passed by the senate and made into law.

The Senate confirmed Nacholebraa’s nomination for Secretary of State, he will now manage the newly created Department of State.

Special elections were debated and concerns were raised on the delays, this process will be speeded up by spam pinging the VP and President.


If you have any questions please Contact a Member of the Office of the Speaker,
Thanks for your time.


Office of the

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