Report Congressional Transparency Report September 18th- October 3rd)

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May 29, 2020
Transparency Report


Date Written~

Authorised by~
The Office of the Speaker

Press Assistant

First Day of The 3rd Congress
Representatives Elected:
(DRP) _Dark_Helmet_
(DRP) William Addington (Resigned)
(SPP) The_MarxSisters (Resigned)
moTrash (Banned)
Utahcwboy1 (Resigned)
(DRP) nutzucer

Senators Elected:
(DRP) _Zab_
(DRP) zLost (Resigned)
(NAP) JB3335

Representatives Currently:
Krix (Speaker)
M_Lasai (formerly _Dark_Helmet_) (Deputy Speaker)
Ronsampaul (Business Rep.)
(DRP) Budgetmitch
(IND) CorbinJC
(IND) SpriteTropical

Senators Currently:
(DRP) _Zab_
(NAP) JB3335

Ongoings in Congress
During the 3rd Week
M_Lasai opened the Drug Liberalization Act in the House of Representatives for Votation. The bill is currently still in the House, but has the following votes:

Aye: SpriteTropical, Krix, M_Lasai, Nutzucer
Nay: Corbinjc, budgetmich

M_Lasai wanted to motion to overturn President End’s veto of the Constitutional Repair Act, claiming the Act did not constitute a complex change. Speaker Krix denied it, saying that Congress doesn’t have the jurisdiction to overturn a complex veto.

Speaker Krix motioned to urgently consider the Congressional Repair Act II by M_Lasai in the House of Representatives. The motion passed with 5 Ayes.
Aye: ronsampaul, nutzucer, Krix, M_Lasai, budgetmich

President End nominated Technofied for DEC Secretary in the Senate. This nomination passed with 3 Ayes.

Aye: _Zab_, Hugebob, zLost

M_Lasai opened the Congressional Repair Act II in the House of Representatives for votation. The bill passed the House with the following votes:
Aye: Krix, M_Lasai, budgetmich (more reps voted aye but left congress and their voting behavior is lost)

M_Lasai and Krix discussed motioning for a Vote of No Confidence against at the time current Press Assistant, Intercepticon.

Krix nominated Mhadsher101 for Press Assistant as a replacement to Intercepticon in the House of Represenatives. This nomination passed with 3 Ayes, a majority at the time.

Aye: nuzucer, Krix, M_Lasai

Nothing Worthy Of Note

Ronsampaul apologized for previous inactivity, citing personal reasons.

Nothing Worthy Of Note

Hugebob informally proposes the Job Exclusivity Extention Act, which makes the Job Exclusivity law more specific than how it currently is. Krix requested the Act not mention Realators as it originally let only Realtors sell plots, but this was later changed. Krix, Hugebob, and zLost discussed letting the doctor be able to sell medical supplies. Hugebob claims that doctors already “sell” supplies in the hospital, while zLost disagrees.

Krix proposes an in-game session at 3 PM EST on 27/9/2020. This proposal received the support from SpriteTropical, Krix, CorbinJc, and budgetmich, while M_Lasai did not support it. The in-game meeting did not take place. SpriteTropical and CorbinJc joins congress.

Ongoings in Congress
During the 4th Week

M_Lasai motions to the House to urgently consider the Election Law Constitutional Act. This has yet to pass or fail and currently has 2 votes.

Aye: CorbinJc, M_Lasai

Krix proposes an in-game session at 3 PM EST on 26/9/2020 to address the Constitutional Repair Act II. The vote fails however.
Aye: Krix, M_Lasai
Nay: SpriteTropical, budgetmich

M_Lasai opened the Congressional Repair Act II in the Senate for votation. This passed the Senate with 3 Ayes. The next step for the bill will be a public referendum.
Aye: _Zab_, Hugebob, zLost

Krix proposes the controversial Eminent Domain Act. M_Lasai addressed the more “libertarian leaning members” in the recent bill proposed that M_Lasai claims “civil forfeiture [is better than the] status quo.” SpriteTropical argued that it’s not fair that the bill allows for the government to take away property without consent. Krix responds with that “It’s needed for urban renewal.”

Hugebob and M_Lasai discuss this further, with M_Lasai saying that “staff is lying through their teeth” when they remove builds cited as “staff duty,” without the owner’s permission. Krix revises the controversial bill, allowing the courts the ability to prevent builds from being removed without permission if neccesary.

SpriteTropical continues to disagree with the Eminent Domain Act, with Krix citing that the act just moves power from staff to the government.

Senator zLost resigns.


Budgetmich moves to amend the Election Transparency Act to the House, which passes.

Ayes: SpriteTropical, Krix, budgetmich
Abstain: M_Lasai

Krix opened up several bills in the House for votation. The bills and their current status are below.

Prevention of Serial Murder Act (in progress)

Ayes: corbinjc, budgetmich
Nays: SpriteTropical, Krix, M_Lasai

Election Law Constitutional Amendment Act (in progress)
Ayes: SpriteTropical, Krix, Corbinjc
Nays: M_Lasai

Krix announces the following bills have passed the House and are sent to the Senate.
Jurisdiction Act
Drug Liberalisation Act

Krix motions to the House to urgently consider the Acting Representative Act. This motion is pending with the following votes.

Ayes: Krix, SpriteTropical,
Nays: budgetmich
Abstain: M_Lasai

Technofied motions to closure for the following bills.
Redistribution of Drugs Act
Constitutional Repair Act II
Jurisdiction Act
Drug Liberalization Act

Hugebob urges his fellow senators to Nay every bill that originates in the House until power is granted to the Senate to originate bills. He proposes the Senatorial Bill Origin Amendment.

Hugebob revokes his above motion and instead requests that all Senators sit on House bills until the Senatorial Bill Origin Amendment passes in the House.

Tech and Hugebob discuss Krix’s bill Congressional Jurisdiction Act II, with many citizens believing that bill makes no improvement over his previous Congressional Process Amendment Act. Tech proclaims that he is “losing confidence in Krix ngl,” with Hugebob responding that Krix should stop trying to defend his bill, and that the conversation in #politics about the bill is “probably like a 3 to 7 point hit in the election,” to which Tech agrees.

Krix proposes a special election is held to fill zLost’s senatorial seat after his resignation. This motion is pending with the following votes:

Aye: SpriteTropical, M_Lasai, budgetmich, Krix

Krix and M_Lasai discuss the possibility of adding a Solicitor General job to the Office of the Speaker to be the legal representative of Congress.

Nothing of note

If you have any questions please Contact a Member of the Office of the Speaker,
Thanks for your time.


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