Report Congressional Transparency Report (November 15th-27th)


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May 29, 2020
Transparency Report


27th /November/2020


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The Office of the Speaker


Press Assistant


4th Congress Elections
Representatives Elected:
(DRP) Krix
(DRP) Ansgard_Ist_
(DRP) _Austin27_ (Resigned)
(SPP) 1950minecrafter
(SPP) JoanM999
(LRP) partypig678
(IND) Neemfy

Senators Elected:
(DRP) Hugebob23456
(DRP) _Zab_
(DRP) zLost (Resigned)
(NAP) JB3335 (Resigned)
4th Congress

Representatives Currently:

(DRP) Krix (Speaker)
(LRP) MilkCrack (Deputy Speaker)
(DRP) Ansgard_Ist_
(LRP) partypig678
(SPP) 1950minecrafter
(SPP) JoanM999
(IND) Neemfy

Senators Currently:

(DRP) Hugebob23456 (President Pro Tempore)
(DRP) _Zab_
(DRP) Mhadsher101
(LRP) Dusty_3

in Congress
During the 1st Week


_Austin27_ Secretary of State Nomination

  • Aye: _Zab_, Mhadsher101, hugebob23456

The Senate voted 3-0 to confirm Representative _Austin27_ as the Secretary of the Department of State. After contesting the speakership against Krix, _Austin27_ withdrew from the election and resigned from his position as a representative to direct his focus toward the DoS nomination. Following his hiring as an economist for the Department of Education and Commerce, which helped allay fears of lack of government inexperience, his confirmation was accepted.

Representative MilkCrack was nominated by Krix to fill the vacany left by _Austin27_
The nomination passed unanimously.

Krix was Elected Speaker


The Standing Orders for the 4th House of Representatives were PASSED

Representative 1950minecrafter has introduced three bills to the House of Representatives: Congressmen’s Wage Decrease Act, Co-Operatives Act, and BubbaRC’s Law Revision Act. Representative Krix has introduced The Office of the Speaker Amendment Act.

MilkCrack was Elected Deputy Speaker

Ongoings in Congress
During the 2ndWeek
On the 22nd of Novemeber Speaker Krix nominated the following individuals for roles within the Office of the Speaker:

Intercepticon's nomination for Clerk was APPROVED
218218Conusmer's nomination for Press Assistant APPROVED
LightningTitan72's nomination for Draftsman was APPROVED

Votation opened up in the House for the following bills: Congressmen’s Wage Decrease Act, Co-Operatives Act, BubbaRC’s Law Revision Act, and The Office of the Speaker Amendment Act. 3 of the 4 resolutions were rejected by the House, with The Office of the Speaker Amendment Act having passed with Congressional approval and presidential assent.

Congressmen’s Wage Decrease Act (failed)

  • Aye: 1950minecrafter
  • Nay: Krix, Neemfy, JoanM999, Ansgard_Ist, MilkCrack

This bill, introduced by 1950minecrafter, would reduce Representatives’ and Senators’ wages from $30/15min to $20/15min. In addition, it would reduce the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate’s wages from $40/15min to $25/15min. Representative 1950minecrafter argued that Congress should not have higher wages than its richest citizens, contending that current Congressional wages were excessive. Representative Ansgard_Ist countered, arguing that the cuts were too brutal, while Representative MilkCrack expressed his belief that there was little popular support for the bill (although no formal polling has been conducted). Several other Representatives believed the bill to be unnecessary.

Co-Operatives Act (failed)

  • Aye: 1950minecrafter, JoanM999
  • Nay: Krix, Neemfy, MilkCrack, partypig678
  • Abstain: Ansgard_Ist

This bill, introduced by 1950minecrafter, would establish an official registry for co-operatives. These co-operatives, in contrast to a typical corporate structure, would be democratically organized associations of workers, providing a greater say to average laborers. The resolution sparked intense debate, with a majority of Representatives describing it as unnecessary. Representative Ansgard_Ist considered co-operatives as too similar to unions, and many believed they could be formed through the typical process of business creation. 1950minecrafter believed the resolution’s failure was a violation of workers’ rights, commenting that “We now know that there are Representatives here that are not working for the workers, only for the big companies.”

BubbaRC’s Law Revision Act (failed)
1st Vote:

  • Aye: 1950minecrafter, JoanM999, Ansgard_Ist
  • Nay: Neemfy, partypig678, Milkcrack
  • Abstain: Krix
  • Aye: 1950minecrafter, JoanM999, Ansgard_Ist
  • Nay: Neemfy, partypig678, Milkcrack, Krix

As suggested by the title, this massive bill was authored by Economist BubbaRc. It was introduced to the House by 1950minecrafter as a significant overhaul of DemocracyCraft’s rules and laws for the purposes of modification and clarification. Many representatives agreed with significant portions of the bill, but due to its size and the numerous changes it proposed, a majority of representatives did not agree with all of its provisions.

Office of the Speaker Amendment Act (Assented into Law)
House vote:

  • Aye: Krix, Neemfy, Milkcrack, partypig678, Ansgard_Ist
  • Abstain: 1950minecrafter, JoanM999
Senate vote:
  • Aye: Dusty_3, _Zab_, hugebob23456
  • Abstain: Mhadsher101

This bill, introduced by Speaker of the House Krix, intended to formalize many of the processes already occurring within the Office of the Speaker through legislation. It established a deputy clerk while introducing a new provision in which members of the Speaker’s staff could be removed at the Speaker’s will or through a vote of no confidence in the House, which would require a supermajority. There was little controversy in the House over the bill: it passed in both the Senate and the House and received presidential assent.


Representative MilkCrack has introduced the
Legal Board Act to the House of Representatives. According to Milk Crack, the bill hopes to ensure that lawyers accurately represent their clients in “a united face of the legal community.” The Representative mentions that “Right now, if you were a lawyer and you acted in your own interest and not of your client, there’s no punishment. I think the Legal Board helps establish some ethics for lawyers.” After discussion with the Attorney General and several lawyers, President Westray authored the bill in fulfilment of a campaign promise to create a board.


If you have any questions please contact Speaker Krix or Press Assistant 218218Consumer.
Thank you for reading.


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