Act of Congress We The People Act


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House Vote: 10-0-0
Senate Vote: 6-0-0




Amend the Constitution​

The people of Redmont, through their elected Representatives in the Congress and the force of law ordained to that Congress by the people through the constitution, do hereby enact the following provisions into law:
1 - Short Title and Enactment
(1) This Act may be cited as the “We The People Act”
(2) This Act shall be enacted immediately upon its signage.
(3) This Bill was authored by Rep. huney69 & President LilDigiVert
(4) This Bill was co-sponsored by Rep. GoldBlooded

2 - Reasons
(1) The writing on the front of the Capitol says “we the people”. The Constitution starts with “we the citizens”. This bill makes them uniform.

3 - Terms
(1) The Constitution is amended as follows:

We the people citizens, of The Commonwealth of Redmont, in order to form a more perfect country, establish this Constitution to guarantee the preservation and protection of Justice, promote the general welfare of our citizens, and secure the liberty of our participation in the governance of this country. All citizens and the Government of Commonwealth of Redmont will abide by these here set principles to play and unite as one country, The Commonwealth of Redmont, hereinafter called Redmont.

4 - Digi Raps
Yeah, oh you gotta love it
Oh you got, oh you gotta love it
I heard what circulated, let's get to the bottom of it
I told huney send me something and I got it covered
Somehow always rise above it
Why you think I got my head in the clouds on my last album cover?
The game is all mine and I'm mighty possessive
Twix and West could not have found them a better successor
Every shot you see them take at me? They all contested
Allen Iverson shoe deal, these haters all in question
Last night I went to sleep, wanted more
Tried to decide what direction I should go towards
Some nights I wish I could go back in life
Not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice
Cruising out at midnight, wonder what's next for me
Longevity, wonder how long they'll check for me
Prolly forever if I stay in my zone
I speak on this generation but can't change it alone
I heard the former former homies talking reckless on type
Quite a platform you chose, you shoulda kept it inside
Oh you tried, it's so childish calling my name on the verbal stage
You need to act your age and not your circle's age
It gets worse by the annual my career's like a how to manual
So I guess it's understandable man
Oh you gotta love it, you gotta love it
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Presidential Assent

This bill has been granted assent and is hereby signed into law.