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House Vote: 5-0-0
Senate Vote: 3-0-0

Prevent public disorder within DemocracyCraft

The people of Democracy Craft, through their elected Representatives in the Congress and the force of law ordained to that Congress by the people through the constitution, do hereby enact the following provisions into law:

1 - Short Title and Enactment
(1) This Act may be cited as the ”Public Order Act''.
(2) This Act shall be enacted immediately upon its signage.

2 - Purpose
To enable the DoJ and all those vested the powers of law enforcement to proactively and reactively tackle public disorder as it arises.

3 - Violent Disorder

  1. Where 3 or more persons who are present together use or threaten unlawful violence and the conduct of them (taken together) is such as would cause a person at the scene to fear for his personal safety, each of the persons using or threatening unlawful violence is guilty of violent disorder.
  2. It is immaterial whether or not the 3 or more use or threaten unlawful violence simultaneously.
  3. Violent disorder may be committed in private as well as in public places.
  4. A person guilty of violent disorder is liable to 5 minutes imprisonment and a $50 fine
  5. For this offence to apply, a member of the DoJ with the rank of Sergeant or above must publicly declare that any incident has now become a violent disorder and allow a reasonable time of 3 minutes for participants to disperse.

4 - Harassment, Alarm or Distress
  1. A person who uses disorderly behaviour to an individual, a group of individuals or on global chat, that may be deemed to a reasonable person as causing harassment, alarm or distress, will be guilty of an offence.
  2. A person guilty of the offence under s.4(1) will be liable to pay a fine of $50.
  3. A person who subsequently continues to commit this offence within a short space of time will be punishable by 5 minutes imprisonment and a further $30 fine.
  4. The punishment in s.4(3) can be reapplied as long as the individual commits offences within a short space of time.

5 - Dispersal order
  1. An identified person or group of persons may be subject to a dispersal order should they be continuously inciting and/or conducting violence against others.
  2. For a dispersal order to be valid, a member of the DoJ with the rank Sergeant or above must:
    1. Identify the individuals subject to the dispersal order in global chat and /msg
    2. State the area within which they are not permitted to return.
    3. State the time from which the dispersal order is active.
  3. Dispersal orders are only valid for 5 minutes and for an area no bigger than 25 x 25 blocks.
    1. Dispersal orders may be applied to areas where DPA sanctioned events are taking place.
  4. Dispersal orders may be reapplied as long as the Sergeant sanctioning the order can justify the necessity for the order.
  5. Should a dispersal order be breached, the punishment is a $30 fine.
    1. A second offence within a short period of time would result in a $60 fine.
    2. Any subsequent offences within a short period of time would result in liability to be imprisoned for no more than 5 minutes.
Note: Written by Matt_S
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This amendment has received presidential assent and is hereby signed into law.​