Executive Order Executive Order 33/21 - Judicial Pay


Former President
State Department
Public Affairs Department
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I, _Austin27_, President of the Commonwealth of Redmont,
hereby order the following Executive Order:​

(1) By the authority vested in me under the Wages Act, I hereby issue the following wage modifications to members of the Judicial Branch for their work both in-game and out of game, mainly on the forums. The Wages Act is incredibly clear on who holds the authority to modify such as shown below.

4 - Wage Jurisdiction
(1) The executive has exclusive jurisdiction over the creation of, and amendments to, Government wages.
(a) Wages are not to be amended or withheld from Government employees as a means of political leverage.
(b) The Executive does not have the power to withhold Legislative or Judicial wages.
(c) Changes to legislative wages take effect from the proceeding electoral period.

(d) A Judge's remuneration cannot be decreased during their tenure.

The only limiting factor is the Executive's inability to decrease remuneration for the Judicial branch. In this case, the remuneration is being increased and is therefore in line with all existing regulations.

(2) I hereby order the following wages for the court's respective positions:
- Magistrates: $30/15m
- Federal Court Judges: $40/15m
- Supreme Court Justices: $45/15m
- Chief Justice: $50/15m

(3) In addition to the increased salaries, members of the Judicial Branch shall also be allocated the following from the DCGovernmentJUD account balance:
- Magistrates: $300/case presided over
- Federal Court Judges: $400/case presided over
- Supreme Court Justices & Chief Justice: $500/case presided over

(4) This has been a long time coming and is well deserved for members of our Judicial Branch.

Glory to Redmont