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2x Clerk

The main tasks of a Clerk are the following:
- Making all necessary changes to documents of law
- Assisting the Speaker with the administration of the House
- Assisting the President of the Senate with the administration of the Senate
- Communicating with the Press and assisting in the formatting and drafting of bills, if requested.
- Publicising motions via the Record of Motions

Why are you applying for Clerk:
What can you bring to the role:
Additional Information:

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Justice Department
State Department
Education Department
Health Department
Commerce Department
Environment & Recreation Department
Username: TheReal42Person

Playtime: 15d 18h

Why are you applying for Clerk: From watching the last Congress, many of the Representatives and Senators did not vote on bills or propose any. I think that if I can be a clerk I can make them vote. I also want to show the people of Redmont that voted me for House that I will still bring them what they want, even through a different position. I am also extremely active and will update laws and anything else quickly and effectively letting the citizens of Redmont know their laws without scrolling through pages and pages of bills. I also want to be able to have better press releases for Congress.

What can you bring to the role: I will get the Representatives and Senators to vote on bills, I will update the laws and anything else as needed, I will be a really good aide to both the Speaker and PoS, and I will help members of Congress make better press releases. I already do a lot of similar things on the Klondike Town Council, so I have some experience with this as well. I'm also a Representative in Congress already, so there's that.

Additional Information: Thanks for reading. Please pick me, but I'd like to see the other candidates as well.
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Construction Manager
Username: TeuntjeMixer

Playtime: above 10 days

Why are you applying for Clerk: I am applying for the court clerk to help make sure that all congress members respond to the bills that are posted and to help the house and senate with any necessary changes.

What can you bring to the role: i can bring my knowledge of the Congress system and how people may propose bills and that not many house and senate members respond to bills.

Additional Information: Thank you for reading my EOI and I hope i can work with the congress members soon. Even tho i don't have discord i am still here to assist the members of the senate and house and to assist them with any help they need.


Justice Department
Education Department
Username: Slywat

Playtime: 8Days 3Hours

Why are you applying for Clerk: After being on this server for a while, I think it is finally time I start my journey in Congress as that is something I’ve always wanted to do. I think this is a perfect first step and the experience I can gain will be like no other. I think I can be a great help and will greatly leave an impact.

What can you bring to the role: I am a very hard worker and do things on time. I am currently in the DOE and the DOJ. I work very hard as a guide and career coach in the DOE and I am constantly active both in game and on Discord. I am also a very hard working police officer. I am also semi-active on the forms. If I am chosen I will work constantly whenever needed to help benefit Congress. I also know members of Congress and can reach out to them if needed. I also constantly try and improve myself. I used to have an issue with slow typing but I’ve been practicing constantly and now I can type fast and accurately. I am very persistent as well. I am also a good leader and work very well on teams. This is shown by me owning my own company and running a large team of employees. I am also an attorney (this might change in the near future as I am thinking of practicing medicine aka becoming a doctor) and a police officer which means I know the law really well. I am also actively checking new bill proposals to see new laws come in action. I think I am a great fit for this role and my dedication to it will greatly improve Congress as a whole.

Additional Information: thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application.


Congressional Staff
Username: Wqndavsn

Playtime: 1 day, 5 hours, 39 minutes

Why are you applying for clerk: I'm applying for clerk because I'm extremely interested in the law and how it works. In real life, I want to be a lawyer and am currently taking law classes. I believe that pursuing my interests will have a profound impact on me in both the game and real life. I know I can do an amazing job in this position.

What can you bring to the role: While I haven't been playing for long (I joined a week ago), I am a hard worker and very dedicated to any task I put my mind to. I believe I can help improve congress and be a huge help to the community itself. However, I am not just a yes man. I will also bring new viewpoints to issues and challenge existing members' thinking in ways they won't expect.

Additional information: I know I haven't been playing for long but I really do love DemocracyCraft and I look forward to growing and thriving on the server! Thank you for considering my application!


Username: Arctic_Fox10

Playtime: 5 days, 18 hours, 31 minutes

Why are you applying for Clerk: I am applying for clerk because I want to be more connected with DC. I want to learn how the government works and how I can help. There are a lot of fun jobs and things to do in DC and I would love to take a look at one more. I am also interested in working more closely in forums and this is the opportunity for it.

What can you bring to the role: I can bring my devotion and enthusiasm to this role. While I may not have as much experience in the government as others might, I know that I can adapt quickly and I will ask questions freely.

Additional Information: Thanks for reading my application! :D