Cabinet Report Cabinet Meeting Notes - 19th March 2022

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Vice President
These are notes from the Cabinet meeting in the interest of public transparency. Unless stated otherwise, these aren't official decisions from Cabinet.

President - Westray
Vice President - Muffins29
Secretary of Justice - ElainaThomas29
Deputy Secretary of Education and Commerce - Trentrick_Lamar*
Secretary of Public Affairs - Twixted
Secretary of Construction & Transport - Hm_Shi
Deputy Secretary of Construction & Transport - TheDeadwax**
Secretary of Environment and Recreation - Teuntje1234567
Deputy Secretary of Health - Sleepyjay_*
Ambassador to Stratham and Vindex - Nacholebraa
Ambassador to United Land and Harlon - LavenderxBlaxii

*The Deputy was invited in the Secretary's abscence.
**The Deputy was invited along with the Secretary.

General Notes
The Cabinet met up in this second meeting of the term, to discuss departmental updates, a government response to Reveille, and the logistics of Reveille. Many plans that the government had for the month of March were either scrapped or delayed as a result of Reveille. The Cabinet is also dealing with some resignations due to recent events.

Department Operations and Goals
Departments expressed some plans for new programs and commentary on the success of existing ones.

  • Dealing with some resignations in the department.
  • Managing a surplus of trainee officers.
  • In the process of reforming and putting more use to the town sheriff role.
  • Implementing corporate tax exemption policies.
  • Working on DC Courses.
  • Contributing more custom recipes.
  • Considering the idea of requesting to have a separate world for event usage.
  • Working on merging roles within the DPA to sustain their workload.
  • Considering converting the Guide job into a license.
  • Trying to work on a smooth transition DCT-wise to changes.
  • Concluding the court build contest.
  • Hired several new trainee doctors.
  • Paramedic was moved back to license.
  • Drug dispensary in hospital has been a success.
  • Reminding individuals to consider applying to work in the OAG.
  • Got a case dismissed in the federal court earlier this week.
  • Getting settled in with the new Attorney General.

Cabinet Concerns Regarding Reveille
Cabinet held a thorough discussion about Reveille, issuing their concerns and thoughts after a week of controversy. On the issue in specific, a few labelled themselves are more neutral, but everyone had one or two concerns at the very least. Some concerns shared by members of Cabinet included:
  • Burdens on department operations.
  • How Reveille was conveyed to the public in a non-centralized area, with conflicting information in voice chats.
  • Poor communication from server ownership.
  • Discontent with the execution of Reveille.
  • Concerns about plot allocation.
  • The desecration of server history.
  • Some general discontent with the project overall.
  • Resignations as a result of this transition.
  • A rushed timeline.
While nobody was without concern, some of the few positives were also compliments on the aesthetic; although a few members of Cabinet disagreed about the design of the roads.

Many of these concerns were also shared by members of the community in the government's Public Inquiry Survey, in which 67.14% of respondents indicated negative feelings about Reveille, with more also indicating concerns.

Departmental Concerns and Logistics
Several departments expressed various concerns about the logistical nature of how their Department would deal with Reveille, and expressed concerns about employee resignations as well. Some of the departments noted:

DOJ Concerns:
  • The struggle to enforce the law across two maps.
  • Issues with having enough officers to deal with crimes happening on two maps.
DCT Concerns:
  • The amount of evictions that will need to be done in order across maps, and in order to ensure progress is being made on new buildings in Reveille.
DEC Concerns:
  • Logistics of CPI in two maps.
  • Players losing assets during the transition.
  • Concerns over negative impact to the financial market.
  • Distress over the financial security of shareholders in the Exchange that may be negatively impacted further.
DPA Concerns:
  • Not enough event venues in Reveille.
  • Needing to develop a new tour and guide program to the city.
  • Potential loss of players to participate in events.
DER Concerns:
  • Needing to terraform across maps now.
  • Now having trouble motivating rangers to do any wild warp terraforming in terms of the current map.
DOH Concerns:
  • Dealing with two map logistics.
While some of the concerns have been uncontrollable, the Cabinet is trying to work with the owners to compile solutions to mitigate some of the concerns.

Hamilton City Reforms
Cabinet briefly discussed ideas and concepts for reforms to the city of Hamilton. There was a split consensus, with some stating that the owners have refused to enter discussion about reforming Hamilton instead so it's not worth our time to continue further, and then with others stating that it is owed to the public that ideas are still pursued.

A few ideas and maps were discussed about reforms in the city of Hamilton, and a majority of Cabinet still agrees at this time that it would be within the best interest of the community to reform Hamilton first, although some are less optimistic about the possibility at this point in time.

Nomination Discussion
A discussion was held on the nomination to replace the outgoing DCT Secretary. The Cabinet decided upon the department's current Deputy Secretary, TheDeadwax, given his rapport among employees and hard work in his previous roles.

Potential Plot Allocations
The Cabinet discussed and set out a potential timeline for proposals surrounding plot allocation in Reveille, a few concepts mentioned included:
  • District Transferring: To take districts/areas of Hamilton City, and paste them directly into Reveille.
  • Credit System: To evaluate plots in Hamilton, give players credits for the value of their plots, to find a new plot of equal or similar value in Reveille.
Courses of Action Moving Forward
The Cabinet has decided to move forward by discussing and compiling plans for plot allocation and logistics to the potential map transition; along with taking some time to make incremental reforms to Hamilton as well.

Some members of Cabinet have opted to take a more neutral stance, whereas others have decided to label themselves as "Working Under Protest" in light of their own discontent.

By Working Under Protest, the government employee is indicating that they do not approve of this forced upon plan to transition maps, however they will continue to be working in their department to best provide solutions to the problems that the community faces surrounding this.

In the coming days we will be releasing more details about the advice we plan to provide to server ownership about logistics, and will be happy answering questions at any time.
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