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Loyal Slav... I mean Servant of Government (HELP
Willow Resident
Feb 26, 2023

Establish a Bureau of Commerce to process grants, manage the town's bank, and work closely with citizens to improve town commercial standards.​

The residents of Willow, through their elected representatives in the Council and the force of law, ordained to that Council by the people through the Willow Constitution, do at this moment enact the following provisions into law:

1 - Short Title and Enactment
(1) This Act may be cited as the ' BOC Act.'
(2) This Act shall be enacted immediately upon its signage.
(3) This Act has been authored by Bardiya_King.

2 - Reasons
(1) The Current Grant System is nonexistent
(2) The "Willow Funds Act" refers to a grant system. It doesn't exist.

3 - Grants
(1) The Town of Willow will create a forum page titled "Willow Grant Information" for the sole purpose of providing grant information for the aforementioned Grant Applications page
(A) The Grant Information page will include the following text for the set grant amounts.
"Businesses within the town of Willow can apply for the following grants. The city reserves the right to approve or deny your request for these grants. All new and old businesses can apply for grants, and as your business grows, more grants will become available for you to apply for.

Startup Business Grant
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a groundbreaking business idea? Our Startup Business Grant is designed to empower innovative thinkers like you to turn your vision into reality. This grant is a catalyst for emerging businesses, providing financial support and resources to help you kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.
- Has set up a chest shop within the town of Willow (must have ten different items)
Grant Contains:
- Up to $2,000 in base grant funds
- If you sell items such as logs, tree saplings, and other lumber-related products, you will receive an extra $1,000
- BOW membership (Business Owners of Willow; Director of the Bureau of Commerce will provide details once the grant has been approved)

Long-Standing Business Grant
Celebrating the roots of our city's business community, the Long-Standing Business Grant is a tribute to the companies that have contributed to our city's growth, culture, and prosperity for over two months! This grant program is designed to recognize and support these vulnerable businesses by providing resources to help them thrive and evolve in the modern business landscape.
- Have one or more locations within Willow (Preferably two at the least; this will increase received grant funds).
- Been Located in Willow for 2+ months
Grant Contains:
- Reduced costs of buying commercial plots. (Town commercial plots only)
- Up to $7,500 in base grant funds.

Entertainment Industry Business Grant
Lights, camera, action! The Entertainment Industry Grant is your golden ticket to fuel creativity and innovation in the entertainment world. Whether you're a budding filmmaker, actor, or visionary in any entertainment-related field, this grant supports your dreams and elevates your projects to the next level.
- Has created a script and possibly a casting list for a movie or TV show (Only for Movies and TV shows)
- Has created a at least two casino machines in Willow (Only for Casinos)
Grant Contains:
- Up to $2,500 in base grant funds
- Access to select recording locations (Only applicable for Movies and TV shows)
- Reduced costs of buying commercial plots. (Town commercial plots only)

Bar Business Grant
Raise your glasses to entrepreneurial success with our Bar Business Grant! Whether you're a seasoned bartender dreaming of owning your establishment or an experienced bar owner looking to open a new space, this grant is your ticket to creating a thriving bar business.
- Has set up a bar and elixir creation area within Willow (Will require inspection by the Director of the Bureau of Commerce; you will be contacted once an application is submitted)
Grant Contains:
- Up to $1,500 in grant funds
- Elixir License
- Reduced costs of buying commercial plots. (Town commercial plots only)

Expansion Grants
Is your business ready to reach new heights? Our Expansion Grant is designed to support established companies looking to take the next big step in growth and development. Whether you're eyeing new markets, expanding your product line, or scaling up operations, this grant is your key to unlocking your business's potential.
- Have previously been granted a grant by the Willow Commerce Department
Grant Contains:
- Up to $3,000 in base grant funds. (Contact the Director of the Bureau of Commerce to receive it once you have rented or bought a new commercial plot in the city.)
- Reduced costs of buying commercial plots. (Town commercial plots only)
- Lowered commercial rent payments. (Town commercial plots only)

If you wish to apply, create a thread under Willow Grant Applications to apply for a grant using the following format:
Business Name:
Business Owner:
Store Location:
Which grant would you be applying for?:
Additional information:

Once you apply, the Commerce Bureau will investigate and respond to your application within 2-3 days with an approval message and instructions or a denial message."

(B)The Council can only alter the grant amounts, while the Bureau of Commerce can only change grant procedures.

(2) The Town of Willow will create a forum page titled "Willow Grant Applications" for the sole purpose of grant applications filed by Willow Town Members under the Town of Willow forums page
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