Socialist news’ Homeless shelter

Socialist News is opening a homeless shelter for people with under $100. These are the things included in the homeless shelter.
1. You get a free room with a bed, a chest and a crafting table
2. You get payed $20 per week if you have $0-$10 $15 if you have $6-$20, $10 if you have $21-$40, $7 if you have $41-50 and $5 if you have $51-$100.
3. You get 64 bread each week

These are the things you need to qualify
1.If you don’t have a plot or an apartment
2.If you have less than $100

Please note. Your balances are checked every week so if you get over $100 from sellino or doing something else to earn over $100 then you have 2 days to unrent your room and leave, if you need help finding an apartment somewhere else.plz message me ingame or through forums.

If you have under $100 and don’t own an apartment or plot then leave your Minecraft name below