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Realtors Guide

Realtors, money, real estate. All intertwined. As a Realtor you are expected to possess enough financial and real estate knowledge to be able to manipulate and administer the selling of plots/houses/land on a player or corporation’s behalf for a share of the money.

As a realtor your job is to administer the selling and renting of plots/land. You will be expected to know the average pricing and listing of houses, and work commission based paid by your clients for the final product. We recommend that you charge a fair but competitive percentage in commissions to attract clients.

As a realtor you are exempt from being evicted due to having more than the legal amount of residential plots, (provided they are finished being constructed.)

You are allowed to create a Real Estate Agency, but only provided you have passed the Entrepreneur. In addition to selling plots, you can also administer rent negotiations etc, but you are recommended to hire lawyers to administer creation of contracts etc.

If financing and managing real estate, while selling real estate to others is your forte, then look no further! This job is highly involved, and on behalf of the DEC we wish you your very best if you decide to pursue this job.

It's recommended that you purchase a plot and build a store, or rent a shop to sell your products in!

Buy and sell property. You can list it under #realty-adverts on discord!

For more info - read this guide!

On behalf of the Department of Education and Commerce, we wish you the very best!
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