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Miners Guide

As a Miner, you are responsible for contributing to the server’s mining industry by mining ores, creating business in the mining Industry and supplying the player base with all things ore related.

Primarily, as a Miner your job consists of mining ores, from coal to diamonds and everything in between. You are highly encouraged of course to create a company surrounding the mining industry as mentioned before, however you need to have obtained the Entrepreneur qualification by passing the exam. Miners also have the exclusive permission to sell ores, with the majority of your mining highly recommended to be done only in the wilderness. The Miner is the only job to have access to the drilling vehicle.

If your passion is mining as well as possibly having an entrepreneurial interest in turning that into a business, then this job is for you! We wish you the very best in getting this job!

It's recommended that you purchase a plot and build a store, or rent a shop to sell your products in! Find available plots for sale/lease under #realty-adverts on our discord.

To gather resources, you can either buy them from player shops or obtain them yourself in the wild. To get to the wild, type /warp airport. Right click a monitor in the airport and choose out of 6 wild starting locations (pictured below).

(Check /map if you're looking for a specific biome).

For more info - read this guide! Guide - Making Money

On behalf of the Department of Education and Commerce, we wish you the very best!
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