Guide Making Money


There are several ways to make money on the server! They are listed below.

Passing a job exam at the University is a great way to jumpstart your career in DC, as it provides you with unique abilities and qualifications. You can complete the exams at the University in /warps, and use the job guides located here.

For more information about jobs, you’ll want to head over to the Jobs Information Thread[link to jobs information thread]. Some entry level government jobs can include trainee doctors. Another entry level job that is more self-paced is the mercenary job, which allows you to earn money for killing mobs.

If you’re looking to work for a business, you can join the official DC Jobs discord to see companies that are hiring:

Join the DC Jobs Discord Server!

Apply to register your own business on the forums here [link to business registrations]. From there, if accepted, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Use the ingame companies plugin to manage employees and assets, will full details in the guide here.
  • Apply for a government-issued grant to help your business gain funding.
After formally registering your business, you may want to find a location to provide your product or service. This could include saving up to buy a plot to open your store or renting out space in another building.

Additionally, the government has set up over 30 shop spaces and market stalls specifically for new players to rent out. Just visit the Central Business District Bus Stop and head to the blue zones indicated on the map below, or head east of spawn!


Although it can be helpful, you don’t need a registered business to sell things! You can use the chestshop plugin to sell materials to other players and open your own little shop. You can set up these shops in a plot (although note they can be very pricey!) or choose to rent out space in another building.

From there, you will want to collect materials in your shop through farming, crafting, and or exploring the wilderness through the wild warps located at the airport. Then to set up a chestshop, you can use the guide linked here.

You can sell basic items to the government in some of the Department buildings and in the Government Supply Depot. More information on supplying to the government can be found on the Supplier Guide.

You can also earn additional money on a daily basis by supporting the server through serverlist voting! Use the links in /vote every 24 hours for up to $180!
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