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Firearms License Guide

The Firearms License is a qualification to obtain firearms and to become an Armourer etc. This is not a job in itself.


Firearms License is a qualification only for guns, with the most appropriate form of usage to be shooting wildlife, not villagers or citizens. In the case you do decide to kill a player, it will be considered as a murder and as such you will be punished according to the law as the following:

Charged with Murder with a $100 fine along with 10 minutes in jail

In other words, avoid murder with the exception of no punishment for animal murder.

You are not allowed under any circumstances to sell weapons unless you are an Armourer. To shoot a gun you must Left Click while holding the gun. Armourers are also the only ones who can craft weapons and the only people you can buy from.

You must understand that you should only use firearms in the wild and for good intentions only, that the abuse of firearms can lead the Department of Justice to revoke your firearms license along with the rules and laws of DemocracyCraft.

Provided you like weaponry, this qualification is something you should endeavour to obtain.
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