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Guide Finding Minecraft Chat Logs


1. Type %appdata% into your windows search bar then press ENTER.


2. Open the '.minecraft' folder.


3. Open the 'logs' folder.


4. You can view recent logs under the 'latest' file or older logs under the dated files. Will be at the bottom, depending on your file sorting settings.


5. You should be able to open latest without extracting it. You will need to extract the dated files before viewing them (winRAR and 7Zip are good file extractors).

6. If you are looking for a specific phrase (word, message, username, etc) you can press CTRL + F in the text document to search for it.

Supplied by: OFFICIAL - How to get MC Chatlogs (Mac)

1. First, go to 'Finder', this is at the bottom of your screen.

2. You'll be brought to your 'Recents' folder. At the top of the screen there will be a toolbar. Click 'Help'.

3. Look up 'Library' in Help and it should be the first result, and click on that. (Another way to do this is instead of going to Help, go to 'Go' and click option on your keyboard and choose Library).


4. It will take you to a page with all your 'hidden' folders that you don't usually see, here find 'Application Support' and open that folder.


5. Double click on Application Support. This will bring you to all your application folders, here- find the Minecraft folder.

6. Once in the Minecraft folder, find 'Logs'. You might have to scroll a bit to find this.


7. In this folder will be all your chatlogs. To find a certain date, just search in the search bar on the right for that date. Your most recent log from when you just logged off Minecraft is the one called 'latest.log'.


8. To unzip/load the files, just double click on them.

9. You may need to find certain messages if your chatlogs have too many messages in it and you need that 1 message. On your top right there is a bar that says 'Search' all you need to do is search the time of the message or the message.