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Farmers Guide
Being a farmer, your job is primarily contributing to the functionality of the server’s agriculture industry. This is achieved by harvesting crops to be sold to the player base. You have access to multiple perks such as auto-replanting and the tractor.

Just like most other jobs, you are able to use this profession business wise by creating a company for wheat production for example. However, you must have passed the Entrepreneur exam and received the qualification to make a company. It is assumed automatically that you need to build farms with a lot of flexibility around where you build them, you can choose to build under city and suburban plots (basement for suburban plots) as well as in farmland area and the wilderness. This job however does not exempt you from the laws put in place around villager trade, you are not allowed under any circumstances to lock a villager up for use.

As a Farmer, you also get job exclusive perks such as right clicking with your hand to harvest and replant at the same time. Please note: this feature does not work on bamboo, sugarcane, or cacti. Additionally, only farmers are allowed to use a tractor, which will automatically harvest and replant all crops it drives over.

Provided you like getting your hands dirty tilling and farming based activities, this job should be right up your alley! We wish your the very best success in obtaining this job!

It's recommended that you purchase a plot and build a store, or rent a shop to sell your products in!
Find available plots for sale/lease under #realty-adverts on our discord.

To gather resources, you can either buy them from player shops or obtain them yourself in the wild. To get to the wild, type /warp airport. Right click a monitor in the airport and choose out of 6 wild starting locations (pictured below).

(Check /map if you're looking for a specific biome).

For more info - read this guide! Guide - Making Money

On behalf of the Department of Education and Commerce, we wish you the very best!
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