Executive Order Executive Order 39/22: DCTV


State Department

By the power vested in me by the Redmont Constitution, I, 218218Consumer, President of the Commonwealth of Redmont,
do declare the following under this Executive Order:

A public broadcasting system, subject to oversight by the Department of Public Affairs, shall be established under the name DCTV. This organization shall facilitate the production and commissioning of informative, entertaining video media produced by public and private entities; expand Redmont community engagement; and promote external interest in the functions of our intricate server through the DemocracyCraft YouTube account.

DCTV shall be led by an Advisory Committee consisting of a Chair, the DPA Secretary, and any other media-experienced advisors the Secretary may wish to appoint. The Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and approving proposals for DCTV content.
  • The DCTV Chair who shall act as the supreme organizer and manager for all DCTV content sanctioned by the Committee.
  • The DPA Secretary may terminate any member of the DCTV Leadership or the Chair for abuse of power, incompetence, or dysfunctionality.
  • The Advisory Committee and all DCTV staff shall operate in a separate discord managed by the Department of Public Affairs.
Each month, the Secretary of Public Affairs may allocate a set amount of the DPA budget to DCTV, which shall be utilized for the purposes of commissioning content from the private sector, contracts with private groups, paying staff, general outreach, or any expenditures necessary and proper in the maintenance of DCTV. The Secretary of Public Affairs may allocate a separate amount of the DPA budget as bonuses to the DCTV Leadership, but other than this payment, Leadership may not use DCTV funds for personal gain.

DCTV may directly produce public media through DCTV staff, who shall include management, filming, directing, editing, writing, and casting for DCTV productions. This may include but shall not be limited to:
  • Coverage of government or DPA events
  • News updates
  • Political/economic punditry or debate
  • Interviews/features for interesting or significant public figures
  • Miscellaneous entertainment
Government entities are encouraged to work with DCTV to promote department or town initiatives.

DCTV may partner with private sector groups, offering financial compensation in exchange for high-quality content produced by these groups.
  • The Advisory Committee may negotiate long-term contracts with these groups to create consistent series.
  • The Committee shall oversee outreach to external organizations for potential partnerships.
For private content producers seeking to produce media in partnership with DCTV, the Department of Public Affairs may maintain a content proposal system under either the forums or Discord.
  • Those wishing to start a series may submit an application via any process specified on the DCTV Discord, which must include the premise of the series, the expected manager, and a pilot video.
  • DCTV staff shall oversee the maintenance of this thread.
The Department of Construction & Transport will grant DCTV full jurisdiction to use the building at -512, 64, 984 west of the Department of State building for offices, sets, and other DCTV operations in need of physical space.