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Driver Guide
One of the most important parts of living in a city is being able to drive! Driving is an important aspect to the server as it's essentially how you will get around Hamilton City. Here are some of the things you should know about driving!

Here are some of the things that you should do in order to be a successful driver!

- Always drive on the right side of the road! If we have some people driving on the right and some driving on the left, that will call for a lot of injuries! To prevent this, everybody must drive on the right side of the road.

- If there aren't 2 lanes on a road, the arrows on the road will tell you which way you should be driving. You will be pulled if over if caught driving against these arrows. This is considered Reckless Driving. You will be fined $100.

- If you drive on the sidewalk or anywhere off the road, you will be fined $40 for Careless driving.

- If you park improperly, your vehicle will be impounded.

- In order to purchase a car, either go to the dealership, or buy it from other players and their companies!

- Your car will NOT move without fuel! On DemocracyCraft, Emeralds is our main source of fuel! Make sure to buy as many emeralds as you can so you can successfully power your car!

- Cars aren't so large. There is only room for one driver and one passenger. Anymore than that will not fit, and you will need more cars to accommodate.

- As you might know, you CAN get drunk on this server. The legal limit to drive while intoxicated is 8%. Any higher than that and you CAN be fined and arrested! Be safe out there! (/brewinfo <user>)

Overall, driving is a really fun aspect in Hamilton City, and we hope you are able to get your license! Follow this guide and you should have no problem getting your drivers license!

To place your car, simply place the chest on the ground. To pick the car up: Sneak + Right Click.

You can buy fuel at the gas station!

Alternatively, craft it using this recipe!

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