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Driver Guide
Every city needs a university, skyscrapers, and cars. Lucky for you, once you get your license and purchase (or make!) a car, you can speed off and live your city life, get into street races and travel in style.

Here are some of the things that you should do in order to be a successful driver and abide by traffic laws:
  • Always drive on the right side of the road. “The right side is the right side!” Crashes would be plentiful if we drove where we wanted at any time; we don’t want a broken leg far away from the hospital! If there is only one lane, markings will be provided in the form of arrows, to point you in the direction to drive in.
  • Always drive only within the arrows and marked road areas. Under Rules & Laws, 14.0 - Transportation & Roads covers vehicle-related offenses. To maintain order and reduce risks to citizens, the law 14.1 - Careless Driving covers reckless driving. Driving recklessly will result in fines up to $100 on the third offense! To avoid these fines, make sure you drive at a safe speed (not too slow or fast), follow the arrows on the roads and drive only on roads and marked road areas on plots, such as parking lots.
  • Don't drive under the influence! Driving drunk is just as dangerous. 14.4 - Driving Under the Influence will result in a $40 fine if you drive with over 8% drunkenness. Make sure to sober up before you take a drive! Check your alcohol level with /brew info.

Your vehicle may get impounded if you park improperly, such as outside of parking bays or on a property you are not permitted to park on. To get it released, you will have to pay a $60 fee.

Cars are expensive, and it could be tempting to steal one, but this is of course against Rule 4.3 - Stealing. The first place you may want to look is the Vehicle Dealership across from Hamilton City Hospital. You can find it on our map located here.

Mechanics can craft cars, but the materials are not cheap, requiring multiple netherite ingots. Buying vehicles from players can be much cheaper than the Dealership. You may find some advertisements from mechanics offering their services, players and companies selling their vehicles, or auctioning them on DC Bids.

Once you’ve got your car, you need to know how to use it.

Vehicles won’t go anywhere without fuel, which you can either buy from gas stations in the cities and towns, or craft it! The recipes requires 4 emeralds, 4 coal and 1 bucket of water arranged like so:


At a maximum capacity of one driver and one passenger, only the owner can pick up the vehicle with the instructions below. Make sure you have space in your inventory to pick it up!

Shift left-click: Re-fuel the vehicle
Shift right-click: Pick the vehicle up
Right click: Get in the vehicle
Right click while sat in the vehicle: Open the trunk to store items

Driving is a freeing experience, and you even get to show off your sweet new ride to your friends. Good luck on the Drivers License exam!
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