Act of Congress DOH Property Protection Act

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Former President

Protect the Integrity of the Department of Health

The people of Democracy Craft, through their elected Representatives in the Congress and the force of law ordained to that Congress by the people through the constitution, do hereby enact the following provisions into law:

1 - Short Title and Enactment
(1) This Act may be cited as the “DOH Property Protection Act”.
(2) This Act shall be enacted immediately upon its signage.
(3) This Act was authored by Speaker of the House 218218Consumer.
(4) This Act has been co-sponsored by Sen. tekkovvs.

2 - Reason
This is already enforced as a policy, but it has no legal backing. There must be formal laws in place to protect the Department of Health from the abuse of private interests.

3 - Terms
(1) A new crime, "Unauthorized Medical Sales", shall be defined as "No citizen of Redmont may sell or distribute pharmaceutical or medical goods on the property of government-owned medical facilities without approval from the Department of Health."
(2) Punishments:
a. First offense: $50 fine + Revenue from sales
b. Second offense: $150 fine + Revenue from sales
c. Third offense: $450 fine + Revenue from sales
(3) This law shall not obstruct government medical workers from carrying out their public duties and providing government medical services, as approved by the Department of Health.


Former President, Senior Administrator
Former President
Redmont Bar Association

Presidential Assent

This bill has been granted Presidential Assent and is hereby signed into law.