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As a doctor, your role is to provide medical assistance to civilians at the hospital. A doctor must always prioritize treating a patient over personal needs. Doctors can only treat patients INSIDE the hospital. A doctor is level 6 on the government's pay system and makes $15 every 15 minutes.

/doh - sets your channel to a private channel for employees of the DOH only

/doctorattend <username> - Opens up the GUI to teleport to the selected DoH building. Also alerts other doctors in the DoH and automatically teleports your desired location.

Doing /doctorattend will open up this menu where you can select the building the patient is located at; abuse of this system will result in termination from the department!


/disease list - shows a list of diseases and their respective details & cure names
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/disease remedy list - shows a list of disease cures and the materials needed to craft it; click to view
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When a player requests medical assistance by hitting the doctor sign, first you type in /doh that you will attend to the patient. You will then do /doctorattend <username> to communicate with other doctors that you will be assisting the player. After selecting the DoH building the patient is at, you then greet the patient and ask how you can be of assistance. If they have a contagious disease, you will guide the patient to one of the examination rooms to prevent the spread of their disease. If a player is unsure of their disease, ask the patient to do /health and ask for the diagnosis. If the patient has no disease, ask for their temperature. A normal temperature is 0-10, anything above 10 is hot, and anything below 0 is cold. If a patient is cold, they can put on armor, stay in a shelter, or stand next to a fire. If the patient is hot, they can take off their armor, stand in water, stand in a snowy biome, or drink freezing water. Once the diagnosis is complete, you will go to the doctor storage room and purchase the ingredients to make the cure. Make sure to DISPOSE OF any leftover materials using the disposal sign in the storage room. Always charge the patient the correct amount prior to giving them a cure. If they say they do not have the necessary funds, recommend that they do /vote.

Prices are listed near the front desk and in the doctor's storage room. A doctor must ALWAYS charge a patient the exact amount. Giving away free treatments or charging random amounts is punishable.

  • A player is only allowed to warp to the hospital when attending a patient NEVER FOR PERSONAL USE​
  • Never administer free medication​
  • Never treat patients outside of the hospital​
  • If you notice a doctor is not following any of these rules or you have any complaints, please report them to either a Medical Specialist (MS) or the Secretary of Health (SOH)​
  • Never make patient pay less or more for a medication
  • If a patient is not following rules or is not cooperating report them to an MS or SOH​
  • Never give a patient the wrong medication on purpose.​
  • As a doctor you may treat yourself when ill or injured, but you must walk to the hospital.​
  • A doctor must never harm or abuse a patient in any way​
  • Only use materials from the Hospital.​
  • You may NOT keep any leftover materials, dispose the leftovers at the disposal sign.​
  • You may NOT sell cures outside the hospital.
  • Only Medical Specialists can make and use vaccines.
Diseases and Treatment Guide
Broken Leg - Leg Splint (6 sticks)
Choking - Heimlich Maneuver (punch)
Cholera - Brightwater (brown mushroom, gunpowder, glowstone dust, water bottle)
FleshWound - Bandage (8 paper, 1 wool)
OpenWound - Bandage (8 paper, 1 wool)
ArrowWound - Left click with shears (2 iron)
Plague - Bitterwort (brown mushroom, red mushroom, coal, water bottle)
Pneumonia - Warm Gel (magma cream in furnace)
Pox - SweetBrine (wheat seed, spider eye, egg, water bottle)
Rabies - LycanPotion (melon, netherwart, bone, water bottle)
SwampFever - BlackBrew (coal, bone, clay, water bottle)
WhoopingCough - Smoothwater (sugar, glowstone dust, clay, water bottle)
YellowFever - Sweetwort (gunpowder, sugar, egg, water bottle)
FreezingWater - HighTemp. (snowball, water bottle)

Credits go to Doxxy for making this excellent guide!


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