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As a doctor, your role is to provide medical assistance to patients at the hospital. A doctor must always prioritize treating a patient over personal needs. Doctors can only treat patients INSIDE the hospital. A doctor is level 5 on the government's pay system and makes $15 every 15 minutes.

Trainee Doctors must be personally trained by an Medical Specialist before attending any patients, and pass a successful evaluation to be promoted to Doctor.

Join the Dept. Health Discord Server!

/doh - sets your channel to a private channel for employees of the DOH only.

/doctorattend <username> - Opens up the GUI to teleport to the selected hospital or clinic. Alerts other doctors you are attending. This command only works if a patient requires assistance. Abuse of this command will result in termination from the department.

/disease list - shows a list of diseases and their respective details & cure names.
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/disease info <disease> - shows name of disease, contraction, symptoms, contagion and cure.
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/disease remedy list - shows a list of disease cures and the materials needed to craft it; click to view.
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When a player requests medical assistance by hitting the doctor sign, you will:

1. Type in /doh that you will attend to the patient. You can do this by saying “Me” or “I got it," etc.
2. /doctorattend <patient’s username>, and teleport to the correct hospital/clinic.
3. Greet the patient and ask them how you can be of assistance.
4. If the patient does not know their disease, tell the patient to do /health. Ask for the diagnosis.
a) If disease is contagious lead them to an empty exam room, and tell them to wait there.
b) If disease is not contagious, you may treat them at the desk.
5. Craft the appropriate cure using materials from the doctor storage room. Tell them the correct price, and if Medicare is available.
6. Once patient pays, cure the patient. Remember to ask for the bottle back (if cure was bottled), and wish them a good day!
7. RECYCLE bottles and DISPOSE of any extra materials in the disposal sign in the doctor storage room.

As a doctor, you can treat yourself! However you must walk to the hospital and use materials in the supply room. You may also request assistance like a patient. Never /doctorattend yourself.

A normal body temperature is 0-10. Anything below 0 is cold, and anything above 10 is hot.
If patient is hot: Tell patient to remove armour (if any), stand in water, a snowy biome, or give them some freezing water.
If patient is cold: Tell patient to put on armour, or stand near a lit furnace or fire source. Exam room 5 at the main hospital is a great place to warm up!

Prices are listed near the front desk and in the doctor's storage room. A doctor must ALWAYS charge a patient the exact amount. Giving away free treatments or charging random amounts is punishable.

Freezing water pricing is $10 per bottle and $1 for every subsequent bottle. For example, one bottle is $10 and another one will be $1. Milk bucket pricing is the same, except each bucket is $20.

  • Only treat a patient if they have asked for assistance using the sign.​
  • Only use materials from the Hospital supply room to craft cures.
  • Never make patient pay less or more for a medication. Tips are accepted if stated as one!
  • Never refuse to treat a patient unless they are harassing you or being noncompliant.
  • Never give free treatments.
  • Never bring harm to, or abuse a patient in any way, such as purposefully giving wrong cure.
  • Never treat a patient outside the hospital with doctor-only cures, or cures crafted with hospital supplies.​
  • Do not keep leftover materials (includes bottles and shears). Recycle and dispose of them at the disposal sign.​
  • Never sell doctor-only cures (excludes pharmaceutical goods) outside the hospital.
  • Only Medical Specialists can make and use vaccines.
If you need to report a doctor breaking these rules, or you have complaints, report them to a Medical Specialist (MS) or the Secretary of Health (SoH). These rules are punishable.

For more information on how Medicare works, you may read this guide.

Medicare is government health insurance. Patients may use /medicarepay <doctor> to pay doctors for certain cures at the hospital. All disease related treatments are covered though pharmaceutical goods are not. Patients cannot use Medicare to pay for soothing potions, freezing water, leg splints, bandages, warmgel, and choking cures.

If a doctor is found abusing Medicare (such as paying themselves), inform a Medical Specialist or the Secretary of Health immediately.

Patient doesn’t have enough money: Tell patient to /vote. They can earn up to $180. A patient’s friend can also pay for them if patient already voted.

You give the wrong cure: Do not panic! Simply tell the patient you gave the incorrect cure and make the right one. Pay them the difference if the wrong cure’s price is different from the right one.

Patient unresponsive:
Patient may be AFK, having connection problems or does not see your messages. You may /msg them to try and communicate. If patient continues to be unresponsive, you may leave. Dispose of materials in the supply room.

Patient harassing others, general noncompliance: Tell patient to stop. Tell them to put weapon away (if applicable) as hospital is a safe zone. If patient refuses, call a Police Officer.

Patient pays incorrectly with Medicare: Tell the patient to pay for the correct cure. Tell /doh chat a patient has paid for the wrong cure. A Medical Specialist will fine the amount of the incorrect payment from your balance to refund the government account.


Diseases and Treatment Guide
Broken Leg - Leg Splint (6 sticks)
Choking - Heimlich Maneuver (punch)
Cholera - Brightwater (brown mushroom, gunpowder, glowstone dust, water bottle)
FleshWound - Bandage (8 paper, 1 wool)
OpenWound - Bandage (8 paper, 1 wool)
ArrowWound - Left click with shears (2 iron)
Plague - Bitterwort (brown mushroom, red mushroom, coal, water bottle)
Pneumonia - Warm Gel (magma cream in furnace)
Pox - SweetBrine (wheat seed, spider eye, egg, water bottle)
Rabies - LycanPotion (melon, netherwart, bone, water bottle)
SwampFever - BlackBrew (coal, bone, clay, water bottle)
WhoopingCough - Smoothwater (sugar, glowstone dust, clay, water bottle)
YellowFever - Sweetwort (gunpowder, sugar, egg, water bottle)
FreezingWater - HighTemp. (snowball, water bottle)
Drunk players - Milk bucket

Credits go to Doxxy for making this excellent guide!
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