Guide Designer Guide

As a designer you are able to bring out your inner-Van Gogh with the artmap plugin.

Explore a wide range of colors for your paintings by clicking the Dyes slot (Rose Red) in the artmap GUI (/artmap).


Clicking this will show a page of items, each with its own color. There are multiple pages of colors, and you can scroll using the provided forward/back arrows.


While sitting at the easel and canvas, you can view the colors in your inventory. You can choose and scroll through them using the same arrows as mentioned above.

View your tools in the artmap GUI by clicking the Book and Quill. A menu will open with several tools, including Bucket, Coal, Feather, and Compass. You can use these tools when you sit down at the easel to paint.

Paint Bucket​

The paint bucket is a filler tool. To fill large areas of a painting, left-click to fill an area of the canvas with the dye in your offhand. To undo your last fill, right-click while still holding the bucket.


The coal tool lets you adjust the brightness of pixels, giving you more shades of colors. You can usually darken a color once or twice. Hold the coal and right-click on a color to make it darker than the original color.



The feather does the opposite of what the coal’s function is. Instead of making a color darker, it will make a color lighter.



The compass allows you to flip your art vertically/horizontally.

OriginalAfter Left Click

Left click while holding the compass to flip your art horizontally.

OriginalAfter Right Click

Before you can start making art, you need to do the following:
  1. Craft an easel.
  2. Craft a canvas.
You won't be able to create art without having both a canvas and an easel. These crafting recipes are not standard vanilla Minecraft recipes. To find out how to craft them, run the command /artmap. This will bring up a GUI on your screen with the necessary information.


There are five categories in the GUI, listed as the following:
  • Getting Started
  • Recipes
  • Dyes
  • Tools
  • Artworks

This category is crucial for making artmaps, as it contains all the necessary recipes. There are four possible recipes listed: Easel, Canvas, Paint Bucket, and Paint Brush. The easel and canvas recipes are the most important ones.

To view a recipe, click on the category, and a crafting table menu will open with the recipe outline you can follow.


Once you've crafted both your canvas and easel, you're ready to paint!
  1. Place the easel down on the ground.
  2. Take the crafted canvas from your inventory.
  3. Hold the canvas in your hand and right-click the easel to place the canvas on it.
Now you're all set to paint! Right-click the easel to sit down in front of it.

To paint, select a colour and left-click or right-click while holding the colour. Left-clicking places singular pixels, while holding down the right-click button allows you to drag and make lines. You can also place singular pixels by right-clicking once without holding down the button.

If you want to take a break from painting, press the shift key to exit the easel. Your art will be saved, and it will remain on the easel for you to return to at a later time.

After creating your masterpiece, you can save it in two ways:
  1. While sitting at your easel, type /art save [name].
    NOTE: Say D - Get a Beret on the exam. It is flawed at the moment.
  2. Alternatively, right-click your completed artwork with the paintbrush from your inventory.
If you choose the second method, a GUI will appear, similar to an anvil interface. Enter your desired artwork title and then click it out of the finishing slot, just like when enchanting a tool.

To display your art, place an item frame, and right-click it while holding your art. It will be displayed like a picture!

To make copies of your art, use blank maps and place them along with the original art in the crafting square. The number of blank maps used determines the number of copies you'll receive.

Keep in mind that only the owner of the art can make copies. You can't copy another person's artworks.

Be careful about your inventory while making art. If you pick up anything while sitting at the easel, standing up will destroy that item, and you won't be able to get it back.

To view other people's art, use the command /artmap and click on artworks. A menu with player heads will appear, and clicking on any of those heads will allow you to view the artworks of other players!

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