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The Companies plugin is a tool for Entrepreneurs to help manage their finances, shareholders, and finances.

/cm detail <company> Open Companies GUI

Only those with the entrepreneur qualification and an accepted business registration with the DEC can start a company.

Visit the Businesses & Unions forum node to apply for a business registration.

/cm create <name> <capital>
- Replace <name> with your company name. Note: Do not use special characters like & or . in company names- your chest shops will not work with these!
- Replace <capital> with the money you'd like to deposit into your company bank. If you run out of capital, your company will be automatically disbanded.
/cm setdesc <companyname> <description> Set the description of your company.
/cm deposit <companyname> <amount> Deposit money into your company bank account.
/cm hiring <companyname> Sets your company's status to hiring.
/cm disband <companyname> Disband the company.
/cm leave <companyname> Leave the company.

How to set up new company?
Just type /cm create <companyName> <defaultCapital>. Default capital is amount of money, that is stored in your company and you can't withdraw unless the company is disbanded. It is good for checking the credibility of the company, because more stored money = more credibility (if it is scam company, the owner won't deposit much money into the capital).

How to join a company?
Player has to type /cm request send <company> <expected salary> <text>, in the text folder, player has to type his "motivation text". The owner/manager/personalist will see his text and he will can accept/reject this job offer.

How does salaries work?
The salary amount will be withdrawn from the company's account every payment period (every hour). If there isn't enough balance the company will disband.

How does "default capital" work?
The plugin uses the default capital when the company has not enough balance to payout it's employees. So the total expenses on staff must be covered by default capital. When capital is needed, the company will be removed due to bankruptcy. The capital should be used only as a "mark of credibility."

Chestshop integration
- You can create the company's Chestshop
Here is an example:


Contract players to work for your compnay.

/cm request send <companyname> <wage> <message> Creates a job request.
/cm request accept <companyname> <player> Accepts job request.
/cm request reject <companyname> <player> Reject job request.
/cm request complist <companyname> List company job requests.

How to create a contract?
If company wants to provide something (eg. to build a new headquaters), an owner or manager has to type /cm contract send <provider company name> <client company name> <price> <text of contract>. If the client agrees on contract requirements, the owner or manager of this company has to type /cm contract accept <contract id>, if they don't agree, they have to type /cm reject <contract id>. You can also manage all contracts using GUI menu.

Contract's states
(Not accepted offer, waiting for clienct's response. In this state, the contract can be cancelled or rejected)
- ACCEPTED (Accepted by client, waiting for seller's delivery. No the contracts is signed by both sides)
- DONE_WAITING (Marked as "done" by seller, waiting for client's acceptance)
- FINISHED (Marked as "finished" by client, money transfers and nothing next happens)

Types of employees:
Employee (No extra permissions)
Personalist (Can check and accept/reject job requests)
Manager (Can do everything except market & wage settings and employee management)
Owner (All permissions)

Managing employees:
/cm staff promote <companyname> <player> Promotes employee.
/cm staff demote <companyname> <player> Demotes employee.
/cm staff kick <companyname> <player> Kicks a player from the company.
/cm staff list <companyname> Shows a list of all employees in the company.

You can withdraw up to 10,000 stock certificates.

1 stock certificate = 1% Stake.

Stock Price Formula: <company value> / 100

Companies are able to create and sell stocks but at their own risk. People can buy your stocks and you will get the dividend payments, but when they cash out those stocks, it comes from your company's bank account.
The dividend rate is the amount of income (in percent) which will be deducted from a company's income and paid to the shareholders at the end of payment period.
Before shareholders can receive payments, the owner must activate stock certificates.

/cm goMarket <companyname> <#ofstocks> <dividend%>
Puts the company on the stock market. Only the owner can do this.
/cm stock acitvateAll Activates shares.
/cm stock deactivateAll Deactivates shares.
/cm stock return Returns all of your stock certificates to the company & removes the company from the stock market.
Players have to have all of the stocks released to do this.
/cm stock list Shows a list of the company's stocks.

How does the stocks system work?
Owners of the company can use the /cm gomarket command to generate stock certificates and dividend rate.
Players can activate the certificates using /cm stock activate command. Unless they activate it, they won't earn money from the dividends. The certificates are basic items with extra lore, so players can trade them.
Once the company is on market, it can't be changed unless owner has all of the stocks. This is an anti-scam precaution.

- Stocks released
(How many stocks were released by company)
- Stocks activated (How many of released stocks are activated)
- Stock certificate VS Stock (Certificate itself does nothing. You have to activate it to get the dividends)
- Shareholders (These who have activated the stock certificates)
- Dividend rate (Ratio of company's income which will be paid to shareholders)
- Dividend amount (Amount of $ which will be paid to shareholders)

Reviews: You tell others how you feel about the company's work they did for you - be constructive! Slander is illegal!
/cm review create <companyname> <points1-10> <comment> Creates a review
/cm review remove <companyname> Removes a review you left for that company
/cm review info <companyname> <player> Shows info about a specific review
/cm review list Shows the reviews you've left.
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