BenTDM Will


So when I leave the server or get banned sometime later on in the years to come I want to let you all know I was a good player but sometimes I was a bad player by not following the server rules I've been banned two times now I wanted to make this "will" because if I get ban one more time I will no longer be able to play this server and I want to give everything I own to DryMonkey and A__C who has to help me so much on the server when I been there.

Plots: get given to Drymonkey
Money gets given to A__C
Items: To be given out to both A__C and Drymonkey

I would like to thank everyone on the server who welcome me and welcome me back for making me feel like I was wanted on the server.
I would like to thank all staff for doing their jobs by helping me out when I was in the need of help and for Tech and End I was like to thank you guys for making this server what it is today.