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Accountant Guide
As an Accountant, you advise companies and players of how best to manage their finances, as well as give them insights into property, item etc markets.

This job is recommended for an experienced player with a high balance who practices great financial discipline. Basically this player studies the housing and item market, and looks at what has been selling the most. Then, the player can hire him/herself out to other players to give their professional opinion on investments (and how to improve the money generated from them) and suggesting other good financial choices the player can make.

Accountants may find the Average Pricing Index [link] helpful for gauging the current item market.

It is also recommended that accountants keep up with the #news channel (DC Discord). It is an easy way to be informed about current politics or events that may affect the economy. Please note: it is not the responsibility of an accountant to give legal advice; if a company wishes to draft a legal document, refer them to a lawyer or law firm.

Many, if not all, companies benefit from financial advising, making accountants a valuable asset to have.

Incentives to join:
  • - Gives you an insight into markets
  • - Not that labourous
  • - Profitable as a company and or agency
  • - Would be in high demand
  • - You may be able to get jobs in multiple companies
It's recommended that you purchase a plot and build a store, or rent a shop to sell your products in!

For more info - read this guide! Guide - Making Money

On behalf of the Department of Education and Commerce, we wish you the very best!
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