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  1. SnoWhitebeard

    Here I Was

    Honestly a very effective burn considering this Snow has melted some real life tears for this post. Thank you for always understanding that my bitchiness towards your annoyingness came from a place of love. And annoyance, but also love. Your 3 musketeer friendship with Dead and Milqy always...
  2. SnoWhitebeard

    Comment by 'SnoWhitebeard' in item 'Tiffany's'

    Company Grant Request Amount Requested: $5,000 What will you use this grant for? I have hired staff to stock Tiffany's and create a functioning discord server. I need some help with funds to pay them for their services as well stock products. What progress have been made since registration...
  3. Tiffany's

    Business Tiffany's

    Luxury retailer specializing in jewelry, décor and event related products and services. Tiffany's plans to offer the highest quality decorations including custom designs that are not available elsewhere. Located @ c049 in Reveille, across from the museum. Join the discord to get updates and...
  4. SnoWhitebeard

    Review by 'SnoWhitebeard' on item 'Block Works'

    I love a shop that knows what they are and doesn't complicate things. That's what you get with Block Works. Easy to find location, easy to find products, recognizable branding, great service.
  5. SnoWhitebeard

    Review by 'SnoWhitebeard' on item 'Luckys'

    I love this shop and I love the shop owner <3
  6. SnoWhitebeard

    It's been an amazing 1 year. I love you all kings and queens <333

    :cry::cry::cry:😭 I can't say I haven't seen this day coming or that I'm not really sad to see you go, but I completely understand and support your decision. Just know that we are all here for you and this isn't goodbye. ❤️😘💕🌹 See you on discord Queen!! ILU <33 ❤️