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    Guide National Park Map

    NATIONAL PARK MAP Reference the map below for the locations of key areas in Westin National Park. KEY: Trails Public Interactive Areas 1. Campground 2. Empty Cabin 3. Empty Cabin 4. Empty Cabin 5. Wedding Venue 6. Archery Range (non event) 7. Family Cabin (rentable) 8. Couple's Cabin...
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    Guide Block Protection

    PROTECT YOUR GOODS! INTRODUCTION DemocracyCraft features a simple protection plugin to protect all your valuable goods. Take a few minutes to read this guide so you know how to best protect your loot! COMMANDS /cpublic - Creates a public protection where anyone can use it, but no one can...
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    Guide Analytics

    INTRODUCTION Are you interested in statistics and analytics? Democracycraft supports players being able to view their own statistics on our analytics platform. COMMAND Run /plan register and follow the instructions to set up your very own analytics page! Keep in mind, you can only view your...
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    Guide Politics

    INTRODUCTION Are you a new player looking to get a start in politics? You're in the right place! This guide gives a basic overview of politics, including parties, campaigning, and elected positions. POLITICAL PARTIES One of the easiest ways to get a head start on politics in Redmont is to...
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    Guide Entrepreneur Guide

    Entrepreneur Guide INTRODUCTION Entrepreneurs are people with the basic skills and knowledge to set up a business. In order to start your own company, an entrepreneur license is required. INFORMATION Note: ‘Entrepreneur’ is not a job. It is a qualification which you can get on top of having a...
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    Guide Fisherman Guide

    Fisherman Guide INTRODUCTION As a Fisherman, your job is to catch fish in exchange for money. Upon catching a fish, you will automatically be rewarded based on the rarity of your catch, everything from the most common Raw Cod to the rarest Tropical Fish! INFORMATION You can fish in any body of...
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    Guide Where to Work?

    HELP! I NEED A JOB! We get it, you're new and you don't know where to start, or perhaps you're an old timer looking for a new job. Well look no further! Here is an list of all job offerings made by in game player-run businesses! HERE'S A LIST OF WHO ALL ARE HIRING CostCo Director: xerxesmc...
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    Guide Analytics

    INTRODUCTION Do you like stats? So do we! Did you are able to view your player analytics profile page online? COMMAND Run this command and follow the instructions: /plan register
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    Information About Me

    ABOUT ME The 'About Me' forum is a flexible forum designed for every player to post a thread about themselves. You may choose to set your about me thread up as a resume or an introductory post! FORMAT Format isn't compulsory, however here are some suggested sections to include: Title -...
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    Guide Bank Robbery

    INTRODUCTION The server has a bank and yes - it can be robbed! LOCATION The Bank is located behind the Department of Commerce and Education, south-east of Capitol. It has a marker on Dynmap. ROBBING THE BANK The bank can be robbed while a police officer is online, if there isn't one online it...
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    Guide Mechanic Guide

    INTRODUCTION As a mechanic it is your job to build the vehicles that drive the city to sell to citizens using a variety of crafting table recipes. INFORMATION Mechanics are skilled crafters that build vehicles, listed below are the car recipes. These can be sold through chests shops or any...
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    Guide Australia Guide

    SLANG To familiarise yourself with the dialect of the greatest country on Earth: Aggro: short for aggressive. Someone might get aggro if you take the last Tim Tam (see below) in the packet. Ambo: this is an abbreviation of ambulance. It can refer to the ambulance driver or the service...
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    Guide Beginner's Guide!

    Intro: Welcome to DemocracyCraft! DemocracyCraft, or DC, is a City Roleplay server focused on the player's ability to create, amend, and remove the rules and laws that govern them. Our server boasts cars, helicopters, a democratically elected government, businesses, economy, among other...
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    Guide Government Pay

    Level 0: Commission Level 1: $45/15min Leaders of Government Branches; Significant Responsibility, management, and governance. President Vice President Chief Justice President Pro Tempore Speaker Level 2: $35/15min Members of peak bodies within the Government branches; A great...
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    Guide Elevators

    INTRODUCTION To help you get around the server, you can craft elevators! Jump to go up, sneak to go down - it's that simple! An elevator is just an iron block placed above and below each other.
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    Information Welcome, a Quick Guide to DemocracyCraft!

    ABOUT US DemocracyCraft is a Minecraft City RP server focused on the player's ability to create, amend, and remove the rules and laws that govern them. Play in an urban city environment, or beyond in the depths of the wild. The server boasts cars, helicopters, a democratically elected...
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    Guide Government Emblems

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    Guide Official Server History

    DEMOCRACYCRAFT HISTORY PROJECT I.I - An idea. A new server. The idea of Democracycraft was a random thought that came to End while playing and staffing on other city RP servers. End saw a lot of potential with the servers he played on and tried to advance them, but there was always something...
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    Guide Forum Badges

    INTRODUCTION Badges are a way for you to track your career on the server an on forums. We give badges to recognise players' commitment to the server. PRESIDENTIAL COMMENDATION Receiving one of three presidential commendations per Presidential Administration; for exceptional achievement and or...
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    Guide Medicare

    INTRODUCTION Citizens of DemocracyCraft are privileged to have access to a high class healthcare system. Medicare is a Government scheme funded by taxpayers to provide a premium standard healthcare to everyone and anyone who decide to take a small exam to qualify. What is covered - All disease...