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  1. Crazy_Cryo_810

    Lawsuit: Dismissed Crazy_Cryo_810 v. The Commonwealth of Redmont [Case No. 04-2021-22-01]

    IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF REDMONT CIVIL ACTION Crazy_Cryo_810 Plaintiff v. The Commonwealth of Redmont Defendant Complaint: The plaintiff complains against the defendant as follows: At this point in time, Redmont is unconstitutionally suppressing the rights and...
  2. Crazy_Cryo_810

    Hello There!

    I am Crazy_Cryo_810 as the username kind of suggests. I am the founder of the nation of Bolvolskia, which is petitioning for independence in game. I have big plans, and the means to carry them out are right withing my reach due to this amazing server. I've been here since the 29th of January...