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  • tell me the most interesting thing that's happened to you in dc!
    Galavance + The_Donuticus wedding; Battle of Central Flats; 16th Congress Swearing-In Ceremony; Impeachment of President deadwax; Twix/sleepy vs. Gold/Lav Presidential Election.

    So many memories lol
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    xlayzur for president! i spoke with him today and his priorities are to lower tax, increase government cohesively and efficiency and boost the economy. as we all know, our country is under attack by communists.
    Can you please stop with the communist nonsense also yes layzur for president clearly the best option
    became a trainee doctor today and started training! i was appointed spokesman of avalon at c595! i adopted another dog—sylvester—yesterday! thank you everyone!
    got my new dogs scout and bolt on tuesday! i plan to adopt more dogs and donate $200 to the animal shelter.
    y'all vote layzur for president this october. 😎
    if shadown runs I'm sorry but like he does really have the experience to even run
    i became a designer today (my first professional job)! i spoke with @Bombaz2005 and we will host it at rh049; make sure to vote/nominate your favorite celebrities for the rylands awards here! also, i fully support the fight the power act. everyone should be entitled to know if they're wanted.
    so many things!
    i usually make 1 post daily but so many things happened today i had to make another! i did my first vote crates and i made more than $2k! i also founded the rylands awards (rys), like the oscars but for all sorts of celebrities. nominate your favorite celebrity at the rylands awards 2023 forum!
    my history in politics
    i wasn't involved in politics until june 2023, when I attended the inaugural ceremony for the 19th house of representatives. i have advocated for small businesses since june 2023. i did not participate in any elections until september 2023, when i endorsed candidates for the senate, hor and oakridge council. i voted in senate and hor elections. fortunately, everyone i endorsed won!
    i hit $13k today! it might not be much to some but it means so much to me that my hard work and kindness has paid off. all my success is good karma from God. i wish success unto you all!
    Its called the massively op vote crates lol
    surprisingly i didn't first vote until 11 september.
    Fight for democracy!
    Let's stand against FTGWop. Let's stand against communism. Let's stand for democracy. Let's stand for freedom.
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    who r the communist if ur calling the only party that wants to help the workers communist and that we wanna take away ur freedom and such look at old elections look at the SPP the SWP r not communists who wanna get rid of democracy the SPP had a majority in the first congress when end was a dictator they wanted to add democracy so why would 1950 want to remove it :ded:
    @RoryyyMC if everyone has the same, what happens to work ethic? you complain about the government being too controlling but you want them to control all money? what will be fun? communism just doesn't work.
    It's called the socialist workers party not the communist party
    Built an underground farm at my estate in Bondi Beach today! It's a cabin vibe and is a nice break from my ultra-modern house. Have a great day!!!
    New Job, Who Dis?
    Got my degree for fishing today, I'm now a fisherman. I have found a wonderful company and I think my life is stable now.
    Yesterday someone gave me $10k for no apparent reason. I'm so grateful and I know this is a blessing from God. I will save it up and continue to participate in charity work.
    Spread the word, spread the good!
    Please spread the word about the Diamond Foundation! Inform the needy that we're here to help; we also need many more donors. Thank you all!
    No one hungry
    The Diamond Foundation has food for the needy, poor, homeless and beginners at c684. If you can afford food, please do not take it as we are a small charity. We are in desperate need of donations so we can continue to help the needy of Redmont.
    Although I will stay out of electory politics, a petition to restore Walgreen's historical building status has made me realize the importance of preserving history. Just imagine 10 years from now. We need to preserve history while we can!
    Political party
    It has been brought to my attention that the National Renewal Party is defunct. I hereby resign from the National Renewal Party and I will refrain from politics for a while.
    good choice, politics ends up with nothing but pain
    Joining NRP
    I have happily joined the National Renewal Party. I do not wish negativity on any other political parties nor their supporters and members. I will continue to vote solely based on the values of the candidate, not the political party. I hope this doesn't offend anyone or make anyone think that I don't support other political parties or their supporters, because I do support other political parties.
    Diamond Foundation opens, hosted a charity event and remodeling
    I officially created the Diamond Foundation in-game as DiamondFoundtn and deposited the donated funds. I applied for a tax break and earlier I hosted a fundraiser for it. I remodeled DécorDepot more and added new products. All wood is on sale. I am happier than ever to announce that the Diamond Foundation can finally start changing lives!
    Got some work done today
    Today I just got many small tasks done and I'm glad almost all of my plans and projects are complete. I added some commercial apartments on the second floor at c684, did some cleaning, and restocked my kitchen with healthy foods. I tended to my garden and checked on the cats.
    DécorDepot remodel :D
    DécorDepot remodeled today, adding 3 new commercial apartments ($15/week), adding more employee housing, and adding elevators. Check it out at c684!
    I'm so glad I could help out the Diamond Foundation with some food and cash, I hope to see y'all do great things!
    Donate to the Diamond Foundation!
    The Diamond Foundation began collecting donations of items, food and cash today. We raised $1,120 and many barrelfuls of potatoes. You can drop off donations at c684 (go down 1 floor). We aim to help beginners and small businesses. Thank you to all the donors!
    Saving up
    Just letting y'all know I'm going to save some money so I can open another business. Also, for every new follower I get in the next 24 hours I'll donate $1 to Learning Curve to help beginners.
    Petition to conduct censuses
    I created a petition yesterday that would start censuses. I believe the information from these censuses will be useful for analyzing and interesting to look at several years from now. The information collected would be, for example, username, properties owned, amount of employees (businesses), etc.
    A day to relax
    I didn't really do much today. I just enjoyed what I have and appreciated what I have, which I have achieved through hard work. Your dreams will come true if you work hard. It's good to remember, however, that sometimes it's good to just slow down, relax, and enjoy what you have.
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