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Business Hilton Homes

Hilton will be a company that focuses on apartments and shops.


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Hilton Homes is a company that is mainly doing Concrete/General supplies sales. We have a few locations around the map, with the most notable in the South West Business District at plot C-383, C-382, and C-390 all merged to make one super store. We also offer free apartments and food for new players at C-173. At that same apartment complex we offer great views overlooking the park, and court house. We also purchase Ores, and dyes at a reasonable rate, and sell some stuff for the cheapest on the server. If this is all things you’re looking for, I implore you to come give the store a look!

To get here, do /gps start C-383
For an apartment do /gps start C-173

Milqy - CEO Hilton Homes


On behalf of the DEC, your company has been approved. You will receive permissions to make your company in game.

Note: Permissions typically take 1-2 days to receive in game. If you have not received it by then, please open a DEC ticket in the DC discord. If you would plan on looking for employees, consider join our DC Jobs discord to connect yourself with potential future employees!

Progress report on my companies build, and the acquiring of plot C-362.


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The DEC would request that you provide an update on your business's status as either active or inactive.

Please reply at your earliest convenience.
Brand new building <3


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